February 26, 2015

5 {not 2} reasons why I am attempting Project 52

I have desired to utilize Project Life in my life journaling for some time - and now is my season to attempt this life recording endeavor. And I am really - really excited about it:

My 5 Reason's for Attempting Project 52:
  1. Because life happens! And life is beautiful... 
  2. I would like to give my family a physical token of our life together - a document of our life - the good, the hard and the real.
  3. Personally, I love to take photographs - and my honey recently purchased me a Nikon D - which I am dying to learn how to use!
  4. We were able to purchase most of my documenting needs on sale, trust me - we found a really great deal on Project Life products... most of which came from their recent sale, the other was from Hobby Lobby - and the use of their great coupons!
  5. I don't have to start at the beginning of the new year. I can choose when to start... ideally I would like start at the biblical new year - just before Pesach... but I am trying to start now. 

So as I prepare to set this adventure up for success, the reality is this... life also has a way of getting on without photos... so while I will purpose to do this, I also want to be mindful and keep this goal in a healthy place. A non stress induced place. Which means you may see my photo's before I actually get them back from development... and the pages completed. And yes - I am totally okay with that!

~ blessings!

Question: How do you record your family traditions, vacations or events?

February 12, 2015

Meet Mobius... her new best companion

It's better late than never 'they' say... well it's late, but I would say it was divine timing and providence as only He can do. Let me introduce you all to Mobius.

This Mobius, or Mobi as I like to call him is an Australian Shepherd, whom at the time of these pictures was just six weeks old... and he is my daughters nineteenth birthday blessing.

Mobi was named after the Mobius strip, a principle that I was introduced to through knitting and then later I shared it with my daughter whom read more about it and... well... it's a neat and unique name. Fitting for them both.

I am so grateful that she now has the opportunity to invest in this wonderful creature. Something that she has waited a little over eight years for. Together - I can only think about the adventures they will have... and thank you my Redeemer for seeing.

~ Blessings!

P.S. of course one would think we would have wiped his breakfast of his face before the photo's ;-)

February 6, 2015

A Farmgirl Chronicles...

the seasonal motivation... it's sugaring time in these neck of the woods! And in my mind I look back to season of my life when my Uncle Charlie would place us littles firmly on top of Jock's (his Clydesdale stud) back and there would be our perch for the entire gathering of the tree flowings. I can still feel the rhythmic gate of the ride while the smell of farm was soaking in through my nose. That was one of my favorite times of the year... we were young. Allowed to stay up extra late, stand by a huge roaring fire and in the end we would have some of the best tasting syrup ever.

a voice of my thanksgiving... thank you Abba for placing me in a place that is healing my heart and body. For restoration. Clarity. Purpose. Understanding. Compassion. For life and laughter. For placing me in a place where I can "see" our Messiah. For giving us absolute truth and a spring of living waters flowing abundantly.

my creative corner... contains a pile of  "I am gonna get to that" sewing projects. I have a shirt I am working on, as part of my personal goal to sew all of my own clothes, an apron and a styled smock. My shirt pattern is from the Huichol Wardrobe set offered through Folkwear.

from the pages... reading is slow. I have three books in my line up and two more on a loaned kindle. Yes, reading is slow... I want to read, but right now my days are early and my nights are earlier still.
"Our desires - the things we want - tend to govern our lives and our choices. For that reason, it is important that our desires get formed in a biblical mold."  - a woman's wisdom by lydia brownback

looking out from the front porch... there are a couple of chickens roaming about, having left the confines of the fence, I love to look out and see them doing what chickens do best. Scratching and Pecking. It's relaxing to my soul... hey watching the chickens peck is one of my favorite past times for thinking.

areas of husbandry... we are expecting a birth here on the farm. One of the cows is due sometime this month to have her calf. Miss is looking forward to that experience and will have the opportunity for earning her 'milkmaid' wings.

building community & sustainability... reflecting on a recent 'work crew' day where our family was able to be some hands in a building project for another family. It felt so good. It felt good to see the heart and the concept of community being worked out right before our eyes. It was good to be working together for the brotherhood... to serve those with a need and to be a part of something bigger than 'self'.

from hearth and home... home: laundry. Life happens. Therefore laundry happens. We recently purchased a hand operated wringer, which I love. However I am still learning the nack of washing laundry in a tub and using the wringer in temps below forty degrees... truly I am thankful for laundry day up at the house.

in sowing and reaping... have you every studied the universal law of sowing and reaping? I would encourage you to do so. However this year may not have much to share in way of sowing from a 'planting a garden' prespective as our family is honoring the year of rest with Israel. Maybe I will have something to share as the days unfold...

from the apothecary... (affiliate link included) okay I so need to share this essential oil blend with you, its one of my daughters favorites and it's perfect for those days when studying for the ACT is a little much. The elevation blend from doTERRA is amazing and yes - we use it often... totally energizing and refreshing!

the prepared pantry... a little while back I assisted with some bulk canning, and in doing so I was introduced to a some wonderful rectangle canners. I had not been familiar with these before and let me just say they will be added to our homesteading must have items one day.

encouraging her... so about this ACT. Well, this is what her heart is set upon in this season and right now we are in the best possible position to help her meet this desire safely and still live within our family convictions. I am not sure how this will play out in her life and neither does she at this point... but we are in prayer and taking a supporting position as her parents. Her heart is turned for in being community minded while being mindful of life's long term possibilities, so it's one day at a time right now.

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~ Blessings!