August 31, 2018

Expired Herbs for Flower ' Fetti ~ An Eco Exit Toss

Hi. How have you been? Me - um... apparently absent. But I am here now. Here to share with you a wonderful way to use up those expired herbs that you have tucked in the back of your cupboard.

Flower ~ fetti

A dear friend of mine's daughter is getting married, and I was invited to be one of the photographers, and bake the wedding cake. During one of the many conversations I suggested creating a special blend of flower-fetti for the exit toss. An eco version of a traditional practice with an interesting history... of with fall-ish colors perfect for a Sukkot wedding.

Sukkot weddings are at the top of my list as extra special, one reason being the beautiful symbolism that is wrapped into this eight day celebration. Of course all weddings are extra special, and beautiful because... let us realize that weddings are Holy business.

My Fall Flower-fetti Recipe: {use dried, spent or old herbs to create your special blend}
  • Hibiscus - this was put through a small blender to create smaller pieces
  • Chamomile - offers a strong floral scent to the exit toss
  • Calendula Petals - the main giver of color in my blend
  • Lemon Balm - used for hints of green and supports a well rounded scent
  • Rose Petals - used for color and scent support
  • Lavender Petals - I would have used the buds, however what I had on hand were leaves

I made sure each of my herb choices were dry, and chopped into small safe tossing pieces. Then I added all of them into a large bowl and mixed well. Once the fetti was well blended, I bagged the mixture in some pretty wedding favor bags and tied up them up with a ribbon. These are now waiting for the special day... and to make sure the fetti remains dry, I poked a few holes along the sides of the bag with a pin. Creating small air holes for breathing ability.

Simply Beautiful.

July 23, 2018

About Father's : a journal entry

Initially - I was not going to share this chapter of my story with the world. Because honestly, I am not always comfortable sharing things so close to the inner me. But - I also cannot deny the places where my Heavenly Father has worked mighty in my life. This was written near Father's Day of this year:

It was the summer of  2015, when I saw my father for the first time in 20 years. I was up visiting mama and my in-law family. I was also up to attend my great uncles funeral service.

Mama was going to be late, and I was - early. So after finding a parking place, I walked up to the only person I recognized. My uncle. To which He said "Hi Andi" and I replied.

Following our greeting, a man stepped forward, complete with leathers, and a fu manchu. He says... very softly and shaken "then you must be mine." I looked up, slightly startled into the eyes of my father. He is six two - easy.

I honestly can not recall the exact words we spoke, but I remember the tears and the humble countenance... and a whole lot of Yah powered forgiveness. I remember my daughter's eyes going back and forth from him to me, and  I remember thinking - this is a legacy moment.

We walked up to the funeral site together, Mama had finally arrived, and stood opposite of me. Just as the preacher started his words Mama yells out... and straight to his face she flew... I braced myself.

Because I know Mama... 

Then Forgiveness Happened. Again

She kept telling him I am sorry, and he kept looking at her and saying things I couldn't make out. The whole family was watching, the preacher too. I found myself thinking again... this is a legacy moment.
We finished the service, with my dad, my mama, my daughter and myself... all in a line.

At the after service meal, he was sitting all alone... sipping a beer and observing. I heard a still, small voice... "Honor your father and your mother". I waited... it came again. "Honor your father and your mother." So I stood up and walked over to my father, then asked him if he would like me to fix him a plate. He looks back at me, with a look I have yet to describe accurately... and says yes, he could eat.

I asked "what would you like?" He said "anything that you give me, I will eat." I then made him a huge plate and sat down and ate lunch with him. Between his tears and food swallows, our eyes would meet and speak. I felt compassion, peace... and love, for a man who obviously knows he fell short, he missed the mark. Just how short... well, it is out of honor for him that I do not share the details.

However, the world tells me - I owe him nothing, family members tell me - I have a right to hold on to my hurt. That I don't need to extend my hand, because he has not earned it. But I tell you, from every moment since, that we have talk and visited together... there isn't a leaving that grief isn't a written on his face. He knows well, that he made mistakes and I am not about to rub his nose it. I will choose to do my best to honor him and show him love. 

Why? Because first: Redemption - it isn't a mere thing. It changes the game, the standards and the hearts of men. It is not a joke or permission to be free from the dirty stuff. Redemption IS messy.

Second: Who am I - to hold the healing of anothers heart in my hand, to withhold someone's peace of mind, or quite possibly effect true repentance before a Holy God. Lastly: we must remember that forgiveness doesn't mean one is a door mat - but rather a light - that forgiveness is not permission or acceptance of anothers sin. Rather,  forgiveness is a physical example of the glorification of my Saviour. 

And I to, need forgiveness.

Think not that I am free from the feelings of void, or emotional struggle... of negative thought patterns that need to be straighten by the Holy Spirit, the Word and the patient workings of the Lord.  I do. I am human. 

The effects of abandonment, of not having a daddy there to fight and defend me, to teach me how precious I am or to help me understand the importance of proper relationships. You know... who would or who would not have been a suitable match. All those things that father's are called to do by God.

But I completely believe and understand that Yah has worked all things for good... that every evil or harmful thing done to me or... by me : will be used for His name to come to glory in my life. Because the enemy of my soul, my life and of my Redemption will not receive the honor. Nor the victory. 

It is finished.

If I can be a tool, a feeling heart for Almighty Yah... to be used by my Yeshua. To bring love, forgiveness permission and a regret reliever... why would I not try. This too... is a legacy moment. I want to stand in the gap, to make every attempt to walk a different road... for me, and for generations after me. 

Should they choose it.

My daddy, a sinner man - with struggles unknown to me, struggles between his Maker and he. My daddy... if he calls, I will be there. If he cries... I will attempt to comfort him. If he has fears, I hope I am able to point him to the One who destroys them. Because honor your father and mother isn't about merit. 

Just like Redemption.

July 9, 2018

Dandelion Rose Salve & Highwinds Homestead/Studio

The shop is officially open, though I am still trying to work out the kinks and fine tune things. Learning along the way - of course. But through some intentional planning and purposeful use of my Power Sheets - yes, I can say the shop is open. Currently I have three listings available, two of them are for a limited time... meaning when the supplies run out, so does the salve - until next season.

The Latest / Dandelion Rose Salve :

This particular salve is made of : Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Sunflower oil infused with: Dandelion {Taraxacum officinale} - Rose {Rosa centifolia}, Local Beeswax, Vitamin E and Rose Geranium Essential oil. It is perfect for use on: chapped & dry hands, sore muscles, over all stiffness and minor scrapes.

I followed the same process as I shared HERE, changing the ingredients to fit my needs. The Rose & Rose Geranium really set this salve apart. The scent being very faint, but present and the blessings of Rose Geranium are not limited to but - include : soothing skin, being anti fungal, anti viral and anti inflammatory.

The salve making process is quickly learned and a skill I would encourage you to obtain. However, if you are interested in the salve, and have a desire to support small business - I would be happy to make you a tin, while supplies last.

Please Note: this post is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. This sharing is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians or natural health providers. Please seek your personal provider for questions or concerns - and research information from reliable sources.