52 Lists :: the things you should be proud of

This was hard for me, because when I read 'be proud of' my mind struggles with the definition. 

But I will do my best to write my list...

- holding a dying person's hand
- giving birth
- loving someone who hurts me
- forgiving a father who was not there (who after thirty + years is semi back in my life)
- being able to stand {by the grace of Yah} in the midst of a storm
- supplying every, daily care need to someone who cannot remember my name
- being able to pray for those who have rejected me

Those are the things I have am most proud of... then there are:

- fifteen years of caring as a C.N.A
- working at & obtaining my certification as a Recreation Director
- becoming the Volunteer Coordinator of a rural hospital
- working full time as a single mom
- completion of the Advanced Botanical Medicine course from Vintage Remedies
- writing for The Biblical Herbal
- home educating my daughter from sixth grade through high school
- being a Wife
- being a Mother
- keeping a Home

the Photo:

My book arrived, which means I will start using the book for my lists. Instead of the lists I found online. Although either will be good for me to complete...

What about you? What are the things you are proud of?

~ Blessings!

A Circumcision

We had the privilege of opening up our home for what is often referred to as a {brit milah}. Their son being circumcised on the eighth day as commanded by God. The family met the {mohel} here in our home, with the actual circumcision taking place in the bedroom. I have never attended a brit milah before, beings that both of my sons were circumcised in a hospital setting.

The mohel took the parents into the bedroom alone. There he talked with them about the procedure, the after care and asked various questions. Then he asked all the men into the room. The child's father; his brother, the child's grandfather and my husband... then proceeded with the circumcision. 

Apparently it is custom to not have women in the room during the actual 'doing of'...

The little guy did great, and didn't cry half as much as I remember my sons crying. My husband agreed the words “circumcision of the heart” will never have the same meaning again. He now has a detailed visual and an experience he will always remember...

~ Blessings!

52 Lists :: the Words that Touch your Soul

In service to my blog goals and personal growth I am going to be working [posting] through 52 Lists, but with a twist. Being a list person as well and having a heart for documenting life... even the hard parts. I felt like this would be something good to do, so I will add to my sharing a photo too.

Week 1: list the words that touch your soul:

~ Crucifixion
~ Redemption
~ Forgiveness
~ Echad
~ Holiness
~ Righteousness
~ Marriage
~ Womb
~ Infant
~ Salvation
~ Obedience
~ I Love you - will you marry me. He asked me three times - before I said yes
~ Steadfast
~ Faith
~ Purity
~ Chivalry
~ Honor
~ Family
~ Integrity
~ Weeping
~ Mountains
~ Home
~ Brotherhood
~ Sin
~ Mercy
~ Try
~ Begin
~ Again

 Photo: I'm currently reading, applying and praying my way through this book...

It's been good to read and to walk through, bringing about some ground in my life that still needs to sifted. God is good, and I am thankful He brings what we need - when we need it.