March 22, 2012

The Birdhouse Gourd :: bottle neck style

Actually they are called Bottle-neck Gourds, but often times we see them made into bird houses... when I was young my mom would make these earthen bird houses and hang them all over our garden. Sometimes the feathered friends would take up residence and other times the gourd would serve a purpose of adding more color elements to our outdoor space. 

I loved that memory and wanted to recreate it for my daughter. When I finished painting the gourds the first thing she said was... "this blue one reminds me of grandma Nana."

The who's and what's its:
  • First plant your gourd seeds...and harvest them at the end of the year, or you can leave them to over winter right there on vine. This article explains the process of drying your gourd...
  • Then the following spring [now] I cleaned up my gourds by washing them with soap and water, this time I happen to use my Tropical Traditions bleach powder for the job, then I let them air dry in sun for about a half day or so...

  • Once the gourds were dry, I took my handy dremel tool and polished out the hole my beloved made with his one inch spade bit...

  • I also drilled small holes near the top of the gourd, and some along the bottom for drainage purposes. 
  • Then we let the creativity begin... these were painted with patio paint and acrylic's, then coated with a non-toxic sealant for weather protection.

  • Finally I will add a small perch below each hole, add my wire to the top and hopefully have them in place before vacation...

 These are great for your yard and so very easy to make! 

~ Be blessed and encouraged. ~

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