April 18, 2012

Elderberry Extract at Home

I am so excited! I finally sat down to learn how to make our own elderberry extract right here at home, honestly it was because I have been ill for about two weeks now and twenty dollars a bottle for elderberry supplements was not cutting it. I am so thankful I did, it really is easy to make and yes, it really is cost effective.

My first task was to find a local source for elderberries, since I was having little patience and I didn't want to spend money on shipping costs just yet, by blessings from Abba my local health food store lady happen to carry them in bulk... for l.e.s.s.

Dried Elderberries:

How I Made It:
  • Place 1/3 c of dried elderberries into a pint mason jar.
  • Fill the pint jar with vodka, often Everclear is recommended, but I used a different brand for my first batch.
  • Cover the jar with a lid, and label. I wrote down the date and what the extract will be when it is finished, in this case ...Elderberry Extract. 
  • Let the mixture sit in a cool dark place for about four to six weeks, shaking occasionally each week. After this time, test the strength of your extract, this process was very similar to making my own vanilla extract, so I am assuming the longer time will yield a stronger extract.

Once the extract has reached the desired strength, strain out your spent elder berries and toss, reserve your extract in a clean glass jar, preferably one of a tinted color. So Simple.

The Cost:
  • For two pints of Elderberry Extract I paid about $18.00 ~ the health food store lady was really impressed and asked me to bring my mixture in when it is complete. She is interested in making some along with her own vanilla extract and gave me a source for colored bottles. 

I don't plan on being sick for another three weeks, but in the event some one else is, I have them covered. Now my goal is to keep on top of my extract making... so I have it before the illness occurs.

Inspiration For My Learning:
  • GNOWFGLINS - Vanilla Extract
  • Home Shalom - Pamela's recipe in the For Zion's Sake cookbook
  • My health food store lady, I am really poor with names, now faces... faces I remember, but I wanted to add her anyway.

* 'Alternative Medicine' information within these pages and links of my blog, it is just that: information. Please do NOT take it as medical advice, I am not a certified professional in the area of 'Alternative Medicine' and what I have gleaned else where I apply with discretion. Please be responsible for yourself.

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