July 2, 2012

Homemade Vanilla Extract - *updated*

Quite some time ago I posted about making home made vanilla... honestly it really is simple and easy to do, the taste is amazing and a quart seems to last us a very long time.

I learned how to make this valuable yummy from Wardeh, and have not looked back. I love making my own vanilla and since I have started this process, I have never ran to my pantry and noticed... oh I am out of vanilla. ;o( Although I make mine with about six or seven vanilla beans to a quart of vodka. It Works!

Last month mom was out for a visit, and one day she noticed my vanilla, the next thing I know she is wearing it as a perfume and asking how to make her own. She also thinks one could use this in some form as a natural insect repellent, however I have not tested her theory... just yet. If any of you do give that a try please contact me via email and let me know how it went.

The most recent creation with my homemade vanilla with the after Shabbat Cinnamon and Spice Challah French Toast. Completely inspired by my friend Moira at Not By Bread Alone. It's dee-lish!

Can you imagine fresh whole wheat, spiced Challah, soaked in organically raised eggs, fresh raw cows milk with a hint of real vanilla flavor... topped with butter and real maple syrup.  

Wait - I have a visual...

Yeah ~ it really is that good!

Go on... give it a try...

~ Blessings!