September 11, 2012

Seed Saving: sophie's choice tomatoes

The tomato harvest is still coming in, praise our Heavenly Father, and I am trying to be diligent with preserving our harvest as well as save seed for next year. The more I work with this tomato, the more I truly enjoy it... though once again I must mention it is more suited for cooler climates.

While I am canning my tomatoes, or making tomato flakes, I simply set out a few choice ones for my seed saving mission... when the best ones have been gathered, I cut them open, squish the tomato pulp into a mason jar and let the seeds, along with the juice and a little water, ferment for about three days.

Then its just a matter of drain, rinse and rinse again... after a good rinsing I lay my tomato's out to dry and then package them into seed packets I make at home. Tomato seeds were my first veggie {or fruit} seeds I learned to save, and I love doing it...

One of these days I would like to host a seed saving swap with all my friends, wouldn't that be wonderful... you could end up with some interesting plants that way!

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