October 15, 2012

2012 Garden Journal: my small fall garden

Time is a valuable thing... so much so I won't make excuses for not posting sooner for those who read my private corner of the world, however my dear friends I do have some new photos and something small to share:

First ~ Our Parsnip Harvest:

These babies are an exercise in patience and diligence. Here Miss is trying to pull this monster parsnip, a welcomed sight for the amount of time they require. Although parsnips really don't need much, just some space, a lot of time and of course water...

When just about everything else has died, wander out to the parsnip bed and there you will find another rooted bounty. Perfect to add to your garlic mashed potatoes... yes parsnip garlic mashed potatoes are amazing!

I think the most important part for growing parsnips is depth, a few of ours had bent ends but were still quite large...  these guys are a must have for any long term storage grower and are extremely cost effective, even if they seem to take forever to grow. ;0)

Below is a belated peek into our small 'fall' garden...

My simple, recycled cold frame... serving yet another year.

In it we are growing lettuce, spinach and swiss chard... and this photo was taken about a month ago, so they are much bigger now and everything seems to be working nicely.

Tomorrow we leave for Jackson Hole, so in a few days I hope to have some photos to share with you... Jackson Hole in the fall is breath taking all the way around and I am so excited to be able to go!


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