December 10, 2012

{Natural Wellness} Creating a Wellness Philosophy

Its time. This is now the right time for mama to start going back to school, well ... it is more like 'homeschooling mama'. Right now I am working my way through the Introduction to Natural Wellness from Vintage Remedies with a goal to formally take the Family Herbalist course. One of my desires in completing the Family Herbalist course is to be better equipped to support and assist my husband in his passion of biblical health... and the Introduction to Natural Wellness self study method seemed to be the 'best' next step for our family.

My first unit Germ vs. Terrain Theory was pretty interesting, and challenging enough to provoke some serious conversations about our families health with my husband. My project for this unit was to create a personal wellness philosophy and write a paper on the potential ways that I have hindered the terrains of my family in the past. However, before I share the rough draft of my personal wellness philosophy, please let me a share a little bit about what the germ vs. terrain theory is... and I do mean a little bit.

"The Germ Theory suggests that the human body is a naturally sterile environment and when a germ invades the body it results in illness. The Terrain Theory supports that if the terrain was healthy and the systems of the body worked together in unison then illness would not occur through exposure." ~ Vintage Remedies Textbook

On to my rough draft:

Our family wellness philosophy involves many areas, but primarily the Word of God, believing that with practical application of biblical law our need for medical treatment would be greatly decreased. This includes striving to better understand sustainable agriculture and the negative effects modern farming has caused to our food production, knowing that we are in essence what we eat. We also attempt to learn more practical and natural remedies for when illness do occur, and strive to realize when and where serious medical attention is needed.

We are aware that spiritual concerns can also result in physical illness and disease. Concerns such as anger, fear and bitterness can physically manifest itself in our bodies, thus resulting in illness or weak terrains. Understanding that ultimately, illness is a direct result from the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, however we are to live responsibly, practicing what we know... releasing and repenting of any known sin and doing what we can to care for our temples and the temples of those whom we love.

In essence both theories hold truth for our wellness and both theories have some degree of error. Not all illness's are a result from germs, poor terrain, unconfessed sin, or violation of biblical law... some illness or disease occurs for the sole purpose of glorifying our Heavenly Father.

In what way have I hindered the terrains of my family:

When I pondered this question, one area stuck out in my mind the most and that was the number of times I have compromised certain convictions for the sake of time. Blurring those lines because I did not want to take the extra twenty minutes to grind grain or prepare a food the right way and then attempting to justify my actions with the 'just this once' mentality... arg. Planning is SO key.

Study the foods that begin with a & b: The list is in the back of my text book, and I believe it is taken from The Vintage Remedies Guide to Real Food. I chose these two foods to share with you...

A - Artichoke - globe ~ cynara scolymus

Great for liver detox, digestion aid, and according to my text artichokes enhance the speed of blood clotting. I served my husband artichokes steamed with herb butter for lunch... and they were tasty!

B - Blackberries - rubus ulmfolius

A wonderful fruit filled with antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, E, and K. Blackberries are also a mild diuretic and we use blackberry leaves for tea. Both are good for cases of diarrhea.

My favorite way to eat blackberries is with raw cream poured over them, drizzled with a dab of honey. Simple ~ but oh so good.

So do you have a wellness philosophy?

My Next Unit: Holistic Nutrition ~ The Basics

 *please note that my posts are editorial in nature and are not meant to be taken as a way to treat or diagnose illness. Please practice personal health safety. I am currently taking a self paced course from Vintage Remedies called Introduction to Natural Wellness by Jessie Hawkins, please feel free to head over there if you are interested. ~ Blessings!

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