December 2, 2012

Storing Kefir Grains Long Term :: how to

Last summer I was researching how to store my kefir grains for long term storage, especially when they seem to multiply like crazy on raw milk. I had found numerous ideas on line but with varying opinions and results... however by last fall I happened upon a process that would give me the results I was desiring.

In short, I washed my extra grains with filtered water and let them semi-air dry on a clean towel. While they were still some what damp I rolled them in organic milk powder and put them in a plastic bag, added a little extra milk powder and threw them in the freezer...

And quite honestly I had forgotten all about them until my mom asked for some more kefir grains two weeks ago.

I was not to keen on shipping raw milk across state lines, because apparently some states have issues with that... but I will keep my thoughts to myself regarding that line of thinking. Anyway, I remembered that I had stored some kefir grains in the freezer and so I sent those straight away to my mama, with complete instructions on how to support their life once again.

Although I truly wasn't sure it would work.

But she called this weekend to inform me that all of the grains were making kefir just fine!

She was working as my assistant in the experiment and divided the grains into three jars for better observation. For me, this means an option for long term storage for my milk kefir grains... and for mom, it means more of the 'good' stuff she needs for her health.

So ~ just how long did I have them in the freezer? One year and two weeks...

I know that some sources state the nutritional value may be effected from this process, but I am not fully convinced that is correct...

~ Blessings!

Storing & Using Milk Kefir Grains

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