February 7, 2013

2013 Garden Journal: snowflakes & sunshine

Inside: I have been planning and dreaming of this years garden, even during these days of adversity, reading about doubled layer cold frames for winter crops and ordering our first round of seeds. Honey and I have also been planning the new chicken coop and laying out our garden plans... knowing that this all may be futile if we are called to move. But a back yard homesteader has to do what a back yard homesteader has to do.

Outside: There is not much that can happen right now, except thinking to myself that I should have set up a double layered cold frame and planted our current frame a little earlier than I did last year, the veggie growth may have survived a little longer.

First Seeds:
  • Lettuces & Salad Greens: Black Seeded Simpson, Arugula Roquette, Lollo Rossa, Purslane Red Gruner, Kyoto Mizuna, Jericho Lettuce, Water Cress, Upland Cress, Oak Leaf Lettuce, Red Fire Lettuce and Swiss Chard.
  • Other Veggies: Lemon Cucumbers, Rattlesnake Pole Beans, Broccoli, Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean, Purple Pole Bean, Cauliflower, Detroit Red Beets and Atomic Red Carrots. 
  • Herbs & Spices: Marshmallow, Narrow Leaf Echinacea, Fenugreek, Chamomile, and Hyssop.

Backyard Chickens:

Our new chicken coop will look some what like this one, pictured above, which Honey and I spotted in a walk around our neighborhood.... I definitely would like our little coop to be up on stilts and we both would like it be as small as possible, just big enough to work for the six chickens we are planning on.

We plan to formulate some sort of inventory of what is in our shed that we can use, back to recycling, this month and draw up the final 'idea' for construction soon.

~ there's a time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted ~
Ecclesiastes 3:2


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