February 12, 2013

A Little Cultured Butter :: please

It turns out that making cultured butter was not as difficult as I had originally thought, and it's even simpler once you have a routine... I truly love a routine! Honestly, I found the easiest 'how to' version in my Nourishing Traditions book but at the end of this post there are a couple of links that really helped me out too.

Making cultured butter for us looks like this: after Shabbat I skim the cream, our milk pick up is on Friday afternoons, and I leave the cream in a mason jar on the counter over night and some time the next day I use my stick immersion blender to whisk up some home made cultured butter.

The cream seems to turn to butter a lot quicker with it being at room temp...

And what I end up with is about a half pint of cultured butter and about a pint or so of cultured buttermilk... which is amazing to use in cornbread. Seriously! Raw - REAL - buttermilk is just amazing in cornbread... and buttermilk pancakes are divine.

The actual amounts of both products vary, being dependent on the amount of cream you have skimmed, but we love it... and I am very thankful to have learned more about this process, and how to make my own buttermilk culture from a clabbered cream style technique.

Which is very similar to the wild sourdough starters from your home.

~ Blessings!

Helpful Links on Cultured Butter/Cultured Buttermilk:

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