February 15, 2013

{Natural Wellness} Units 7 & 8

I am finished with my natural wellness class, and currently I am saving up for my next mama school class from Vintage Remedies... the Family Herbalist. However, I am not sure how long it will take for me to save up for it... until then I will keep applying what I am learning.

In the Units: these two units were some of my favorites as they involved using essential oils and making natural preparations like salves, natural cleaners and various bath and beauty creations. Sadly, my camera was not in action during most of it... although I did remember to take a shot of my let your food be your medicine, which might not be as exciting to some as the use of essential oils.

Purchasing Essential Oils? Keep this in mind:
"it is important to keep many things in mind. Oils are mostly produced for perfumery purposes, not therapeutic purposes. This means that substitutions and adulterations are, unfortunately, commonly used to cut costs and make rare oils readily available. This suits the purpose of perfumery just fine, as the end result is dependant on the scent alone. Yet, for aromatherapy purposes, it is unsuitable, as the specific chemistry make up is vital for the success of aromatherapy." ~ Natural Wellness/P.g. 123/Jessie Hawkins

It is also extremely important to know which essential oils can be used safely and which ones can not... this is not an area to over look as the average essential oil contains at least a hundred components and like whole foods there is much we still do not know. (pg122)

Need to save money?

Making our own home cleaners and health products at home with high quality ingredients is often times much cheaper than buying 'natural or organic' items in the store. Its easy to learn how to make healing salves for cuts, bruises and burns. Infusions may sound intimidating but really they are not.

What about decoctions and rinses? Massage creams or your own signature essential oil perfume?

With a little time, some basic supplies and quality ingredients you can learn how to create these things in your own home and help your family be in better health for it. I hope to encourage you to try! I personally think it enjoyable and rewarding.

The Projects: my first project was to pick one of the following oils from the Scriptures; Spikenard, Frankincense, Cinnamon or Myrrh and write a paper about it, and my final project was... well I created some of the things mentioned above, and right now I am waiting for my plantain oil to be finished so that I can prepare some more 'creations' for our upcoming camping trip.

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine: finishing up the food list from the book...

with tapioca in the making, something my husband really enjoys and I don't make it for him very often... really I am not sure why, it's not that difficult to make and it is tasty. Tapioca isn't much on nutrition, however it does make a great 'base' for foods that are and according to my text it does help with digestive problems. Grandma would call 'tapioca' comfort food.

~ Blessings!

*I just finished my self paced course from Vintage Remedies called Introduction to Natural Wellness by Jessie Hawkins, please feel free to head over there if you are interested in what they have to offer. ~ Thank you!

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