March 12, 2013

2013 Garden Journal: only thyme will tell

Inside: Although I am planning for many avenues, I have managed to nail down a plan in detail for my 'three sisters' garden. Choosing this option for space and it's historical growing value, I'm using Floriani Flint for the corn, Kentucky Pole for the green beans and Turks Cap for my squash. This will be my first year at attempting this, should we be required to spend another growing season here.

I have also begun to plan for my sweet potato bed, and where I live... it shall be a minor feet. But I truly think I can give it a good run and I am eager to see what happens. We are also thinking as 'verticle' as possible, especially if we choose to add chickens to the back yard again. Another new crop this year is our Mennonite Sorghum, but this will have to be a small planting, unless hubby and I can get really creative.

Outside: It's March and the weather interesting... one day it snows, and the next day it is sunny and sixty. Ah life in the west I suppose. Our cold frame was broken, some one jump our fence in the middle of the night and landed right in our cold frame. This person went through the glass top and all... so it looks like we will have build a new one.

Also the baby chicks are in town, although we went to look at them we decided we will not be purchasing them locally. They raised the price of the chicks to almost double from last year... insane!

Beloved cleaned the shed last Sunday and went through our useable lumber, he also made a couple of piles of things that we will need to get rid of no matter what happens. You couldn't even walk though the shed safely, because it was filled with 'possibly going to use' and a whole lot more of 'really, we are not going to use it this year' stuff. We had to make some decisions... and some times you just have to pitch it, and start over!

Next week we leave for our camping trip, so anything gardening will have wait until we return... by that time we hope to have a better direction of our days as well. Who knows what April will bring...

 Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
~ Psalm 127:1 ~

~ Blessings.

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