May 16, 2013

2013 Garden Journal: in the heat of the day

Inside: the new curtains are working great at shading the sun from heating while letting in enough light to brighten the room. I have been hardening off the tomatoes now for a few days and transplanting the growing seedlings into somethings bigger. However I am also trying to figure why my tomato stems are so weak this year... I have had this problem before and I am thinking it is due to a watering issue, which is one of the things we struggle with in this next of the woods.

Outside: the weather remains interesting, like the rest of the nation I presume. We have gone from one foot of snow to extreme heat in less than four weeks. This week it looks as though things might even out just a tad... although we are praying for rain.

Less than four weeks ago.

Planted late April.

Needing afternoon sun protection.


What's New: nothing much 'new' around here, just trying to maintain and use my garden plan, which I always throw by the way side half way through planting season anyway... it's what I do, and it works for me. :)

Family Resource: wanting to share a wonderful book from my home library, Vegetable Gardening the Colonial Williamsburg Way by Wesley Green, I just {heart} the photos in this book and the history aspect too.

~ Blessings!