June 30, 2013

2013 Garden Journal: end of june update

It's the end of June already and in about two months we are expecting to make another fifteen hundred mile road trip back east, by then our first frost would not be too far off... the days seem to go by so fast now and this is time when I wonder if the garden is even growing.

Thank goodness for pictures!

Let's take a closer look...

The volunteer dill is in bloom and the sugar peas are almost ready for the picking...

Then we have the onions... those onions have survived moderate snow, heavy frost and two hail storms... Providence. Providence I say...

Below we have experimental beans... these plants are a result of my seed saving attempt from almost three years ago. This year I thought to plant some of them to see what would happen... again the hand of Providence, every seed sprouted.

The bed in which they are in is another experiment... wood shavings and dirt. {yes, I just used the very technical word for soil, dirt} I hope to post my thoughts on this method verses the straw bale method at the end of growing season.

Above we have the carrot bed, which is doing excellent... thanks to my daughter's very diligent hand at spacing.

The sweet potatoes have some new growth on them, encouraging, but to honest I will be surprised if they produce anything... we have too short a season, seriously wacky weather and well, I have never grown a sweet potato and I am feeling rather intimidated. 

Here is our first ripe tomato of the season, courtesy of one "Manni the Manitoba Mater"...


Which I did not start, this determinate tomato was a blessing from our past class on tomatoes, in the very early days of this years growing season. However, if your looking for a short season mater, this guy is tough... again two hail storms and he is loaded with tomatoes.

Red Romaine

Oak Leaf

Currently we are harvesting lettuce, Oak Leaf and Red Romaine, and our 'first of season' Black Seeded Simpson is done. Various herbs, Kale and Swiss Chard are filling our fridge as well...

So that is what is happening on the Outside, what about the Inside... actually I am planning my canning and preserving list, preparing for some food dehydration and creating herbal infused oils for my winter wellness supply.

This years pest challenge has been flea beetles... they rate right up there with slugs in my book, and there seems to be a million of them! And they eat more than I think a little bug should...

How is your garden growing? Any challenges or success's you care to share? Do you know how to wipe out flea beetles without harsh and toxic chemicals?

:) Just thought I would ask.

~ Hope your July is Blessed!

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