June 1, 2013

2013 Garden Journal: photos around

I figured if the next two weeks are as eventful as the last the two, I had better share the photo's I have already taken or I will never be able to keep up with the ever changing face of our back yard garden...

Some seedlings waiting to be planted

and preparing a home for sweet potatoes

squash too.

Needing to locate a place for the remaining woodchips

possibly two more vertical gardens like this one.

The lettuce bed before our backyard remodeling

and the corner herbs & flowers garden.

Then the hail came... thank Abba for burlap canopies

again I thank Abba for burlap canopies

replanting is going to be must for the beds without canopies.

I just love those poles... don't you?

After the storm and before the lawn mower

I think beauty is rarely found in the perfect lines and locations of our angles, but rather in the living lines of growth and change... and honestly change hurts. Because change keeps us humble and ever reminded of how fragile our life is and hopefully ever thankful for the Providence and Provision of our wonderful Creator.

~ to Him be the Glory!

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