December 30, 2013

2013 Garden Journal: the last entry of the year - self watering grow box

A garden journal entry in the middle of winter? Yes, of course... you see I just can not help my self. I love to garden, and I love fresh veggies and fruits. And I really don't like spending extra money at the local super market for salad greens...  so winter can sometimes be a real challenge for me. But not this year - because I have hope!

Meet my self watering grow box: it's not pretty, but its functional.

Actually I have two of them, and because we had the totes already the only purchase I had to make for the container itself was about four bucks worth of supplies. Everything else was lying around the house free for my taking. The filler would have been from my compost pile and worm bin, however I was a little slow on the up take and my weather turned to frozen rather quick. Therefore I did have to purchase organic soil as well, but really it was not that much.

I also made a light hut for the top to insure that the seedlings would have enough warmth and light to grow, this idea was inspired by the son of a dear friend, whom gave me a string bean about two weeks ago from his light hut... that green bean created my desire for a self watering heat hut for salad greens. Not to far from the kitchen table.

The above photo shows the original light I had used for my new endeavor... but trust me when I say DO NOT use this style of light. Instead use a 14 watt spiral light just like the young man said... because duck tape melts and your seedlings will fry. Trust me on this. It could have been pretty bad if I did not already have a healthy fear of electricity.

What you can't see real well in the photo, is the hard plastic socket protector made from a yogurt container, this help's the socket to stay put. You can see it a little in the top corner photo. And I am sorry I do not have plans or how to's as this was thrown together from memory and an online search for self containing grow containers. I am such a visual person so I winged it...

{Later I found out his idea came from his Botany home school curriculum ~ I love Apologia!}

Before planting my indoor garden I harvested my worm castings to add to my organic soil...

That was fun. Kinda gross. But fun.

 I just kept telling myself what lovely salad greens we will have in about a month.

Which will be when I hope to share my update on this, and start a new garden journal. Until then happy growing from my little corner of the urban agrarian lifestyle.

~ Blessings!

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  1. Awesome idea!!! That is one thing I wish I could save money on in the winter. I just spent $6 on two tubs or organic salad mix. Yikes!