January 29, 2014

Creating a Pregnancy Tea: a unit six project

A simple, effective, multi purpose tea for pregnancy. Easily made with just a few ingredients and little time, unless you grow your own herbs, then you have to add in the growing, harvesting, and drying time... but hey that doesn't happen all at once. So I say go for it!

Milk Thistle Seed: liver support, detoxifier, morning sickness and promotes increased milk supply.

Home Grown Chamomile: anti-inflammatory, liver and kidney detoxifier, effective against gram negative bacteria, can be contraindicated for those with allergies to the ragweed family.

Red Raspberry Leaf: oxytocic, high in vitamin A, D, B complex, E and C. Menstrual health and uterine muscle support. Diuretic.

There seems to be some question on wild Raspberry verses cultivated Raspberry leaf, however it also seems that many can use either with no harmful effects, the concern is increased chances of miscarriages... so I have read -  personally I would choose the wild leaf, just to play it safe.

"Caution: There have been some claims that R. idaeus is questionable and that it may lead to miscarriages. However, most people use it with no problem, but if there is a history of repeated miscarriages, then there could possibly be a reaction." ~ The Ministry of Midwifery, a manual, page 64 - Pattie A. Barnes, C.P.M.

To make your tea: for this project, I used volume verses weight, which is technically a no no, but I did not have a weight scale at the time. All three of these herbs are mild and rather safe, so I felt comfortable in doing so.

  • Milk Thistle Seed: crush or grind two tablespoons seed in your mortar and pestle. 
  • Chamomile: measure out two tablespoons of flower heads and semi break up.
  • Raspberry Leaf: add two tablespoons leaf to the above mixture and blend well.

Store in air tight container and use as needed, note the expiration date and ingredients on the jar label along with tea making instructions. Again the above measurements were used for completing my unit project, and if I were to be using this tea formally or gifting it, I would remake the tea by weight.

To Use: I use this tea, even though I am not pregnant, often. It's just so good for you. I simply fill up my tea ball and add it to my cup of hot water and let it steep for about five to seven minutes. Enjoy over a couple of good blogs...

~ Blessings

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