July 23, 2014

Random Reflections at Forty One / or what I want to be when I grow up!

Sitting on my bed, in my comfy clothes... the lap top open, screen ready. Here I am thinking or more accurately drifting over the day's events. The weeks events. This past years events... and I am left sober and joyful.  

Praise be to God!

Today I awoke, over tired from two late nights of working on my class paper, to a cool bedroom and the loud hum of the fan in the window. And the smell of coffee awaiting me... it's 7 am, I skipped my 6:30 alarm... I need to make breakfast for my family. Eggs and Sprouted Toast.

A perfect morning.

But you don't know what a day will bring. Or a year. Or a life time.

Today I heard about another soul denouncing their Savior... and it never gets any easier to hear. Today my daughter and her friend had a serious conversation with a hardened atheist, and my friend's air siren app for Israel went off more times than my heart could bear without tears.

This past week my dishwasher motor went out and it created a very large stink in the house. I think I used it once in the last month... I can wash dishes faster than it can. My niece was released from the hospital after a serious injury to the head and I watched the storms roll in over the high school track while I walked and talked with Yah.

This year I lost my great uncle Charlie - he lived a long wonderful life. My aunt was hit by a car, had both legs/ankles broken, but she is home and doing well. We took a family vacation to Family Week, ordered chickens and built a new coop. My brother was married and I turn forty one on Friday.

Yes, He has shown Himself faithful in all things, even when we are not...

I can't believe I am forty one! I don't feel forty one... I feel like I am just starting to get a grip on the real of life. Like it's just now making sense. I gaze over my life and I am so thankful that He didn't leave me there... that He didn't leave me broken and without hope. He gave me an identity, a purpose and a reason to get up every day. He took me... in my broken and lost place and put me on solid ground. And it's not just something I believe for my emotional and mental well being. He changed me and every thing about me... and I am so grateful. I know it has nothing to do with me and who I am... but that it has everything to do with Him and who He is.

So now that I am forty one, and enjoying the place where I am in life... I think I know what I want to be when I grow up, or at the very least I know clearly what I would like to do with the rest of my days... should I be given them. *Not in order of importance.

  • Photograph chickens - I really enjoy doing this... in fact just this morning I sat for an hour in the chicken pen and I think I took about fifty shots. Seriously thinking of becoming a professional chicken photographer.
  • Live Off Grid - um. Yes. This might actually out rank chicken photography and I might add that I would love to give it a whirl in a Yurt. 
  • Finish my Master Herbalist schooling, start creating and selling my products and help my husband focus on his dream of becoming a naturopathic doctor.
  • Grow food and sell it at Farmer's Markets... create a raw milk share and help others receive whole food.
  • Make all my clothes, by sewing and knitting... okay the vast majority of them anyway.
  • See my children get married to GOD fearing spouses and for them to raise a generation who is willing to stand in the gates for YHVH.
  • Finish my tattoo removal... it looks like I need one more treatment, and loose about forty pounds.
  • Learn to play my guitar, so that Amazing Grace sounds like Amazing Grace and memorize more Scripture... in Hebrew.
  • Go to Israel... at least once... set my foot in the Vineyards... to walk where those of the Bible walked.

Yes, I think that just about covers it. At least from this moment, on this day...

May Abba grant me days and may my hands be open and ready to receive whatever He brings my way. May I hear Him always, walking humbly and in love. May I be quick to seek forgiveness when I fall and to trust in Yeshua and all that He has done.

~ Shalom & Blessings!


  1. What a delightful post! I can relate with you in so many areas. My heart's desire for my own children is to not have to waste so many years as I did, with no direction and purpose. I didn't know your hubby wanted to be a ND. I too would like to go in that direction ~ perhaps when my baby making days are complete. Your Master Herbalist course, who is that through? Brody and I have talked about using Herbal Healer's courses for the children's schooling but I would like to look into others before making a decision (although we still have time). Your above photo of the Wyandotte is beautiful as is your blog here. Shalom!

  2. I am planning on taking the Master Herbalist from Vintage Remedies, because I love that they are faith based, scientifically sound, and in depth... and I am familiar with them as I am working through their Family Herbalist class. :) Thanks on the photo! Luvs Tribal!

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