August 10, 2014

Working on Wellness & Bergamont Linen Spray

Did you know that stress causes over half of every ten doctor visits? Did you know that stress can negatively effect nutrient absorption? Even if you are eating a whole foods, nutrient dense diet... too much stress will hinder our bodies ability to process much needed nutrients.

Did you know that stress can also shut down your immune system... all of this occurs with just the simple - first stage of stress levels, as in a normal reaction like the fight or flight response. But by stage three of "prolonged stress" we have physical manifestations within our bodies - such as headaches, exhaustion, skin problems, irritability and other health concerns. In short if the stress lasts for long enough it will cripple you and your health. And it's serious!

Readers, this is where I was and it's no joke. Honestly, I am still on the healing end of two years of intense stress, but I am healing and I give all the Glory to God! You see, after some in depth and sound education, and lots of prayer... ruling out other possibilities as I was trying to figure out what was my issue - I was given confirmation that it was stress over load. It was not so much that my life needed radical changes, but more of a combination in how I processed the stress and then taking extra measures to simplify my life that fosters that processing.

Enter the Bergamont Linen Spray ~

Bergamont ~ Citrus Bergamia ~ of the botanical family rutaceae, commonly used for agitation, emotional and mental stress, infection, PMS, has a sedative effect and it contains antiviral compounds as well.

One measure that I have taken to help foster emotional wellness was to create a linen spray for my pillows. Yes, I diffuse too, but I love the little extra touch of spraying my pillows and sheets each night as I prepare for my nights rest...

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The Recipe:

1/4 c distilled water
1/4 c vodka
6 to 8 drops of pure, essential bergamont oil

Combine in a glass a spray bottle, label and shake well before each use. I make it in smaller batches because I like to have opportunities to create a new batch a little sooner and express some creativity.

Bergamont blends well with Lemon, and Ylang Ylang. You could also use Lavender, but not this momma... Lavender stimulates and energizes me. Which is not what I am looking for just before heading to bed.

Remember that one of the keys to combating stress is being consistent in your approaches, and that healing takes time. This is something I must remind my self often.

"Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; do not fret - it only causes harm"
~ Psalm 37:8 ~

~ Blessings!

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