October 23, 2014

The Phone that Rings at Six a.m:

Your away. Not here. On a mission to serve... and I wish I was with you. Standing there beside you seeing what you see, feeling what you feel... listening to the breezes that blow in from the sea. Filling my mind with thoughts of His Word and placing my feet - where those whom have followed Him before me - have stood... a lot goes through your mind after a phone call at six in the morning.

My beloved husband, over the last fourteen years I have told you that I would follow you anywhere. For the last seven years, I have added amendments to that statement... usually related to large bugs, serious predators, snakes and really wild weather patterns. But hearing your voice on the other end of the line, has reminded my heart of why I shared that desire with you years ago... simply put: your there. I am here. And there is a whole lot of space between us... yet we are totally woven around this 'reason' as to why you are where you are and why I am where I am.

It's bigger than you and I. Often way beyond our understanding and organization, because nothing about these last two months have been logical in the eyes of the world. Yet we are both filled with Shalom and an expectant joy to season to come.

So here I am. Pondering the time I have before me. The time when I can see your blue eyes again, hear your voice and be filled with that 'covering' feeling that only you, my husband can bring. Here I am. Waiting for the phone that rings at six a.m.

'Strangers shall stand and feed your flocks, and the sons
 of the foreigner shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers.' 
~ Isaiah 61:5 ~

~ Blessings!

*Thank you Abba, for the home you have given us during this season, the warmth of the furnace at night, the love of community. For our food, friends and fellowship... for the new and the do over's you give us in our lives. For being there. Seeing. Holding. Loving. ~ Thank you, Yeshua!