December 23, 2014

Five Ways to Encourage solitude in an Overstimulating World

Solitude. It's a great word. And after reading some books on stress, progress and over load {because my life called for intervention} I would agree that it's a better state of being one should embrace from time to time. Seeking solitude is something that I now believe one should intentionally practice for health and spiritual sanity's sake. Solitude – a state or situation of being alone. Of course I am not promoting that we live life as a recluse nor am I saying we should seek solitude so that we can avoid all people and all of our life's issues. But rather from a visible need to 'unplug' from the over stimulating world around us, giving us time to stop, to heal and to reflect. Giving us time to listen to our Creator... because life does happen and sometimes we need a reset button.

Five ways I encourage solitude from an overstimulating world...

  • Protect your dinner hour:

Protect & Guard this family time – In Hebrew guard is the word Shamar, which means to guard, to keep watch and ward, to have charge of, to keep and to give heed. Shamar is a great word too. So much so that when you read 'protect your dinner hour' now it sounds much more like an act of knight hood. It is. And it should be. In our home, we all sit down at the table together and there are no cell phones, no texting, and no Ipods. Nothing but wholesome food and family. We may not always have a lot to say, but we are together and we are intentional about it. This is also true when we have guests or go some where else... as a general rule. We have slipped a time or too, but it's not the normal.

  • Walk away from the Phone:

The cell phone. One of the handiest inventions we have and in my opinion it is also one of most intruding inventions there is. Yes - I have one. Yes - I use it. Yes - I even have one of those smartie phones. And Yes – I often feel weird when I don't have it with me. But - I do leave it behind on purpose and there are times when I will completely shut the thing off and walk away. If I miss a call, they can leave a message. Sometimes I do not respond right away to my text messages or return my phone calls in the same day. Not because it's not important or because I am purposely being rude. The reality is this, those right in front of my face, my family - have priority and life happened before the cell phone and it will continue to do so while I am away from it.

  • Take time to Disconnect:

So you may have noticed that my blog posts have slowed down quite considerably, originally this was due to an access limitation and life transitions, but this practice may continue for a season. I have had access to emails and banking via my smartie phone, however I have not had time to post on this one or read other blogs or complete any photo editing online. Nor any other major data or time consuming interest. And while I have been some what disconnected - I have been able to complete two knitted projects, two sewing projects, start an Esty shop and finish three products so far. I was also able to assisted my daughter with her home business ideas, completed two books on my reading list and walked over ten miles in a week. All that to say this... being semi disconnected has increased my productivity and peace.

  • Make time to Reconnect:

Take your family and go camping. Go on a nature walk. Sit on the beach. Take a bike ride. Do something with your family and/or by yourself and allow for connections. My point here is to leave the portable t.v and movie player behind. Bring a couple of instruments or art supplies. Listen to the sounds of Creation and invest in your time with the Almighty and with those you love. Real face to face time.

  • Honor the Shabbat:
Take a day off. Stop. Cease. Rest. Your Creator created the Shabbat for you because He knows what is best for you. So take Him up on it, work six off one... you can read all about in the Scriptures. It begins Friday night at sundown and ends Saturday night at sundown. Find ways to make this time set apart and restful for the entire family, and use this special time to study and read His Word in detail.

For me, solitude is much more than just being alone, it's bringing the world around me to a place of quiet. It's bringing my mind to still moment so I hear His voice and trust in His promises. It's removing distractions and limiting interactions of chaos so that I can soak in the Truth found in the Scriptures.

Simply said it is the application of be still and know. The place where healing begins. 

~ Blessings!