Herbal Body Balm for Stress Induced flare ups

My last assignment included a blending project where I was to design and blend a product for a young adult male dealing with atopic dermatitis that reappears within months of stress. This dermatitis is short lived and disappears within months of the stressor removal... although I have been using this for basic skin hydration.

 My blend included a shea butter and herbal infused olive oil whipped together... along with two wonderful essential oils.

  • Chamomile – anti-inflammatory, nervine, antihistamine and sedative effects
  • Dandelion – has been used historically for eczema 
  • Calendula – anti-inflammatory, eczema, venous insufficiency
  • Tea Tree – well noted for it's benefits on skin irritations,
  • Lavender – relaxing, and anti – bacterial & fungal

How I Made It: I mixed the olive oil and herbs into a glass mason jar and placed the jar in a crock pot with a cloth lining the bottom, under the jar. Then I filled the crock pot water until it reached slightly over half way in level and turned the crock on low. After four or five hours of low heat, I removed the infusion and drained the herbs. Cleaned my crock pot, mixed the desired amounts of herbal infused oil and shea butter and then whipped with a hand mixer. The old fashioned kind! Then I added my essential oils.

Placed the balm in a metal container and allowed the creation to cool. 

Label and Date. 

I do prefer to use the solar infusion method but in a pinch this works for me...

How to Use Options:
  • After bathing, while the skin is still wet, apply herbal body balm/butter and rub into to the effected area. 
  • Apply to effected area as needed, however - note that this blend may leave your skin some what greasy feeling if used via this method and that olive oil may stain clothing.

Balm consistency depends on the amounts of oil and shea butter used within the preparation blending... but the mess that may make is half the fun in learning.


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Advanced Botanical Medicine ~ Master Herbalist Program

I just started back to my 'formal' learning again. Yes! I am very excited... and yes, I am really looking forward to working with Vintage Remedies again. The class I am taking this go around is the: Master Herbalist Program... which is explained on their web site as:

 "In this comprehensive program, you will learn how to evaluate the abundance of claims in the health industry to identify and implement evidence-based measures in your home, how to work through advanced home situations, how to utilize rare and specific botanicals, and how to formulate unique products customized for your needs" 

Covering the following topics & concepts... History of Wellness - Evidence Based Natural Health: What it Means; Where to Find it. Foundations of Advanced Herbalism - Immune Function - Digestive Wellness - Probiotics, Antibiotics, Resistance - Botanical Classifications and Taxonomy - Plant Identification - The Skin - Circulatory Health - Respiratory Health - Blending, Dosages, Potency - Toxicology - Endocrine Function and Disorders -The Nervous System - Botanical Safety: Interactions and Contraindications - Adaptogens - Reproductive Systems - Urinary and Muscular System - Applied Aromatherapy - Botanicals During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding - Botanical Considerations for Children - Botanical Considerations for the Elderly - Environmental Health - Nutraceuticals - Epidemiology and Evaluating New Evidence.

My first chapter - History of Wellness is currently marked up with my pink highlighting marker, because there were some key points I wanted to revisit later - along with under lines of point matter I may need for the exam. :)

Herbalism Highlight: many believe herbal medicine began in the Chinese culture, but in reality herbalism began with the origins of human beings - in Genesis - beginning at the same time in history when physical suffering began...

Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: 
teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.
~ Proverbs 9:9 ~

~ Blessings & stay tuned!