April 14, 2015

Meet My Total Gym ~ the new milk cow

Howdy Y'all! I would like for you to meet my total gym... she isn't that old and this is her first time as mama - and to milking. Her name is Yaffah and isn't she beautiful!

These first two photos where taken the day before she gave birth...

And though she doesn't belong to me personally, I have loved working with her. Learning together if you will...

This is the day after she gave birth to that fine looking calf, whose name is Aleph... we are currently farm sitting and wouldn't you know... our family has had a lot of firsts over the last week.

Some first time's from this week:
  • Milking a cow without the original owner there.
  • Yaffah is a first time cow mama & the first time being milked - which means that it was the first time I have leaned my head against the side of a cow... and sang to her, rubbed her... talked to her. I have even shed a couple of tears because her udder was so full and we are both so new at this...
  • It was the first time we learned how to semi hobble and the first time I was swatted in the eye with a cow tail... and what ever else was on it.
  • The first time I have named a calf, watched part of the birthing process. Her whole birthing story is actually something that gives me deep shalom. It was perfect... because she did it alone, set apart from the entire farm, nestled in a little patch of trees and soft under grass... totally doing what she was designed to do!
  • It was the first time I actually blended herbs for a new mama cow, hauled alfalfa and had manure flung at me via hoof.

Yes, those are just a few of the firsts from this week. My body is aching and I am seriously in need of a nap... but I would not exchange this week for anything. My heart is full with thankfulness and I am very grateful for this opportunity. And for all the help we have had over the last couple days...

Might I mention... the next time you drink a glass of milk. Stop. And think about the process.

It doesn't matter where you get your milk from... there is a process. Milk doesn't just magically appear. For those of you who are able to get raw milk from a farmer... just give him or her an extra thank you. Please.

~ Blessings!

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