August 3, 2015

It Came and Went:

My birthday. It came and went... just about as fast as the month came and went for my last post. Ha! What can I say... life is happening! And I am grateful to be living it. Honestly, there was a time – not too long ago – that I was not living my life. But rather just breathing to hold on to the hope that lies within me. But no more... the TRUTH shall set you free!

I have spent the better part of this last year healing from roughly five years of stress. Accumulated Stress. And yes, there is such a thing. And yes, it does {and will} effect your health, your heart and your relationships with others. 

But it is what it is. 

It came and it went. 

And in this I choose to praise HIM.

And all Praises to my El! My Redeemer and Savior. The One who was. Who is. And who will BE. The I AM – who shows His power in my life daily.

He came... which means I went.

So back to this birthday thing. Last year I shared a list of goals... goals are a good thing. They give you something to work towards. Something to gauge yourself by. Yep – goals are. a. good. thing. Some of the goals I posted a little over a year ago have been started and continue to work towards the completion point and some of them have been been placed on the long term goal list.

Goal Update & Review:

  • Living off Grid – this goal has semi been in the real. We currently live in a box trailer, with an outside kitchen and a small camper that serves as our daughter's bedroom. We are not entirely off grid, but our electrical use and hook up is quite limited. We have a composting toilet and wash all our laundry by hand. I had planned and hoped to share more about our living experience with some how to's - but life and time have been more valuable than the screen in this season. Maybe that will change in the next year?
  • Photographing Chickens – No chicken photo's to speak of because we currently do not have chickens, however I will keep this goal on my list for long term and future planning.
  • Master HerbalistWHOOO HOOO! I am in the ten weeks to finish window! This class is wonderful and very hands on... the more I learn the more I want to get my hands in IT.
  • Make my own clothes – I haven't been as faithful in this area, although since we have been here I have made a jumper, three skirts and two aprons. Currently I am in the beginnings of knitting my husband a wool sweater... and dreamin of naturally dying fibers.
  • Go to Israel – I still would like to go and one day I know I will! But I am so thankful that my husband was able to go via that hand of the Almighty. And since we are 'echad' – it was almost like I went too.
  • Learn to Play my Guitar – sadly I haven't touched it since the move. But it still remains a hope in my heart... however there have been plenty of Shabbat's filled with beautiful worship and music to fill my cup – so I have not been lacking in the music area.
  • Grow Food and Sell it – this goal has been placed on hold until after our family completes the honoring of the Shemitah year. A year of Sabbath for the land and our family's spiritual reset.
  • Finish my Tattoo Removal – done. Completed. And - Oh I can not tell you the wonderful feeling I have in my being when I look down and see them gone. My arms are washed clean from them and I am grateful.

Some of my goals were prayers really and while they are still goals or rather hopes of my heart, I know that am not in control of them. Specifically the one of seeing my children get married to GOD fearing spouses. Ultimately it is their choice, but I will do my part to encourage and instruct them in this area. Sharing with them what God's word says and promoting the full understanding of letting Him write their love story. And I trust my Redeemer... 

As I close, sharing some simple birthday reflections from this year. Stay the course. Love God. Be Joyful. Yeshua is Truth. Live for Him and sing His praise for all His provision. He will work ALL things for good to those who love Him. Live this life FULL. 

So what did happen for my birthday this year? 

In Short:
  • Momma blessed me with the Living Language Hebrew Complete Edition course.
  • Hubby blessed me with a trip to Cumberland Gap and a drive through the tunnel.
  • Daughter gave me a perfect coffee mug with biscotti treats and a knitted flower washcloth made by her own hands.
  • Friends poured out written blessings into me – which was really humbling and edifying at the same time. I was really moved by this expression of love.
  • And we took a date to the Cheese Cake Factory and Farmer's Market. That was really fun!

~ till next time. Blessings!

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