December 15, 2015

Low Cost Resources for Alternative Lighting

As I continue to journey along side these Amish homes, I am enjoying my small - but precious interactions with these families. In the midst of the moments I am blessed to be gleaning some priceless information too. Information that helps our learning curves and pocket books, and one of those priceless gleanings was the "Amish Store" – which in reality is just a little shop attached to the back of a home.

I am SO grateful that they have allowed us to shop there... priceless I say! Now in regards to off the grid lighting... which is something we are learning more about... the lantern is an Amish staple. Here they sell mostly Dietz lanterns and replacement globes, 'jar head' lamps, wicks and their globes. And every now and again I run across some candles and their accessories. 

Did you know they use lanterns as lights on the side of their buggies for night time 'driving'...

Low cost you say? Yes ~ I Answer!  Here's a Break Down from My Last Visit

Looking at my last receipt, I spent $4.00 for globes... $2.00 each. $3.00 for lamp heads with wick... $1.50 each and $7.50 for one small Dietz lantern. Please take a moment and look up the price of a small Dietz lantern online – the one I purchased from the Amish was less than half the price you would pay for it online.

In the past, I have purchased the next larger one, for only $10.00. A story – just after purchasing that blue lantern I was heading to town with a friend and we stopped at a gas station where they were selling that same lantern for $35.00. We just shook our head and mentally said no thank you. :)

However - I must admit, I am not too fond of the idea than these lanterns are made in China... 

Anyone out there know of a high quality American made lantern on the market?

So what are some other options?  Readers - what am I missing?

  • Candles – I usually make them myself. I paid roughly $56.00 for a forty pound slab of beeswax and that has lasted me well over three years. And I use it for so many things... but I do need to consider a new source now that we have moved.
  • Solar Lights – okay this was a total splurge... I just purchased a small solar light and I am waiting for it to get here. It's my first. But my friend – the same one mentioned above – she has the same one I just ordered and I have seen it work. It's a great little light.
  • Flash Lights & Head Lamps – honestly, I don't pay much here either. If memory serves me correctly I think the most expensive flash light I purchased was $4.00 and the head lamp... it was $7.00. The cheapies last long enough and work just fine for our needs.

We have a great place to purchase replacement wicks for even a cheaper price than the "Amish Store"... but that resource is for another topic.

Finally, I wanted share a lighting idea that my friend uses in her home, she has a 'glass jar lamp' lit, setting on a corner shelf in her main room, and behind the lamp – is a mirror. This mirror reflects the light back into the center of the room. It is so warm and pretty, as well as functional.

~ Blessings!

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