December 31, 2015

Balm :: my Hubby's Mustache mender

Recently my beloved was having an issue of dry skin under his mustache area and I just knew I could help him. So into the craft center I went, in a camper that is the kitchen, dining and living room area all rolled into one, and out came... his new Mustache Mender. 

This simple, but mighty balm works great for moisturizing the skin, and for styling that stache. Works on beards too! Just rub a small amount into needed area and style as usual. Make sure you get the mender to the surface of the skin...

I also added a few drops of essential oils, blended just right for that lovely but manly scent. Oils of Cedar and Cardamon would be a nice combo...

My husband really likes it, and guess what - it has worked. No more skin issues! Now he uses it every few days to help maintain things and keep his man fuzz nice and orderly. We plan to offer this balm through our esty shop, however if you are in a {DIY} mood here's the recipe:

Equal Parts: coconut oil, cocoa butter and bee's wax. Melt together over low heat, once melted, remove and add the essential oils of choice - no more than twelve total, per four ounces. Pour into a container of choice - balm tins or glass. Let Cool. Label and Date. 

Remember that herbal preparations such as balms, salves and oils generally have a shelf life of twelve to eighteen months. So please use it before then. Store in a cool, dry place. And if you desire something a little more firm in the mender, add a little more wax... small amounts at a time. 

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  1. This sounds heavenly! Thank you for sharing your recipe with us Andi! :)