January 7, 2016

Seed Dreams ~ high hopes for 2016

The seed catalogs have been showing up steadily for about three weeks now and each one holding potential promises. We have even received a couple poultry catalogs... now if I could just mail order me a goat or two I would be just tickled. But since I have yet to find one of those online, I will be content planning and preparing for rain in the gardening area.

However, after taking a whole year off from gardening, down sizing over ninety percent of our belongings, moving over fifteen hundred miles across the country, sending my husband to Israel... and starting a new job, then loosing that new job... finishing up my schooling and trying to start an Esty shop - while living in a thirty foot camper {that is on loan} with three adults and one full size dog.

Well. You See. Life is complicated. And I am not quite on my game... I feel very unorganized. Very unable to prepare. All of the above has kind of sent my 'game plan' in to a spin. Not in a pull my hair out and run away spin, rather nothing is in a solid spot yet spin. But I am determined to keep pressing forward, even if I don't know where that forward looks like right now. 

So in waiting, I am preparing the best I can with what I can.

Truth be told - money is tight, unemployment is not fun and budgets are very necessary. And since money hasn't started growing on trees around here, we can not afford to be frivolous. But I did manage to squirrel away about fifty dollars out of our last months budget and order some garden seeds. Seeds in my mind are potential food and a long term investment that will give our family a return, a few times over. But I couldn't spend this 'nut' on just any old seed or just any new ones for that matter... I knew that I had to make that fifty dollars count.

And after careful searching and a gut hunch, the hubby and I decided to order from My Patriot Supply. Quite honestly, I was so pleased with the amount of seed that our fifty dollars purchased that I will be intentional to squirrel away another 'nut' for a round two order. Later on.

The order arrived quickly, and was well above my expectations in packaging and volume pricing. I do realize that the final outcomes of my opinion will not arrive until after the harvest season has come and gone, but I am very hopeful.

And grateful. Because in the event our life 'spin' continues - these seeds will keep, and if there is a need that I can for see - regarding the filling the shelves of family food, this is an area in which I can now supplement.

So what does fifty dollars of garden seeds look like from My Patriot Supply?

That depends on what you order really, but for our family it meant thirty three packs of garden seeds. Veggies such as Bush and Pole Beans, Beets, Cabbage, Carrots, Chives, Corn, Cucumbers, Kale, Lettuce... three types, Onions, Pea's and Parsnips, Spinach, Tomatoes... two types, Squash and Swiss Chard, Peppers, Broccoli and Basil. Legumes such as Black Turtle and Pinto Beans.

I don't have the total seed count on the entire order added up for you, but I can give you an idea on a few examples... Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce – 900 seeds for $1.50. Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale – 300 seeds for $1.50. Cherokee Purple Tomato – 160 seeds for $1.50. 

Are you seeing what I am seeing, even if I plant a bare dent in volume - our family will make back that fifty dollars in healthy food. That makes me smile, which works great for adjusting life's rudder.


I just need to figure out where to plant it.

~ blessings!

 She is like the ships of the merchant; she brings her food from afar.
{Proverbs 31:14}

*This post does contain an affiliate link, which is here, as I did not desire to add my personal affiliate link to the bulk of the post, instead I wanted to just share my thoughts on this seed company thus far and to pass along my over all experience. For which I intend to be a returning customer. Thank you My Patriot Supply for offering quality seeds and great prices, for providing a wonderful packaging option and for giving a generous amount of seed in each package.

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