February 15, 2016

Let the green houses begin ~ first fire!

Peppered along the country roads are small clouds of smoke... hovering slow and steady, from one rolling knoll to the other. Little smoke stacks puffing out evidence of life, similar to the pace of which it flows... for our Amish neighbors, the gardening season has formally begun.

It seems every Amish home around here has a green house of some sort, they are very similar in appearance... with some minor variations on materials, size and the quality of the existing structure. But each one, functional. Serving multiple purposes, ranging from a place to dry your laundry in the rain to providing a jump on your families produce sales... think tomatoes in June!

Encouraging really. Some what of an affirmation that we are 'not of our rockers' when we fired up the green house this Sunday... for us the maiden voyage of the Shalom Farm green house has commenced!

There are lots of gardening aspirations being planted with each one of these seeds... germination and growth on the horizon of hope, yielding 'by the providence of the Almighty' luscious fruit and hardy veggies to fill tummies and pantry. Some for eating in the now, some for putting by, some to share and some to sell...

Tomatoes, Eggplant and Peppers... Broccoli, Cauliflower and Collards... Spinach, Asparagus, Kale... and hundreds of Strawberries... each tucked into their home of nurturing. 

Now comes the next challenge... keeping the first fire going. 

As I was unwinding from our hours of green house preparation, my mind began to formulate a personal green house comparative... the pro's and con's of each type of green house. The kind we are using here on the farm and the kind the Amish have, because even though they 'do' the same thing each one is different enough to warrant deeper reflection and observational note... 

I wonder if they will let me photograph their green house practices?

~ Blessings!

*Update: it's been two days since fire up... and the status is - fire has gone out - each night. Even with multiple checking and loading. Maintaining a consistent temperature has also been a challenge. There is talk of acquiring a larger stove... 

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