March 7, 2016

Is it a Balm or a Salve?

Like most things, I think it depends on where your from... where you received your training and what 'school' of thought you adhere to. For me it's kind of like tom-a-to and tom-A-toe, however there seems to be slight differences between balms and salves.

A Balm is a blend of herbal oils, wax and essential oils, the aroma being what gives the balm its different name from salve. To some a balm is different than a salve because of its consistency or solely by the essential oil content.

Balms are best suited for external use and are often more firm than salves...

A Salve is a blend of fats, herbs {solid, semi solid or herbal infused oils}, wax and sometimes essential oils. Consistency varies greatly due to the wax - oil ratio and they are best used for external applications.

Salves seem to contain less aromatic essential oils and have a more herbal make up... and fat?

Either way ~ I think they are wonderful fun to create and of course to use. But I must ask you to forgive me a head of time, because I most likely will call it a balm when it's really its a salve...

Although I am curious... what are your thoughts? What makes a balm and what makes a salve?

~ Blessings!

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