March 28, 2016

Spring Roads Ahead

looking out my window… spring has sprung, and the Biblical Feasts have begun, but out my window are hills ~ of ireland green and blossoms abounding. The weather is warming up nicely, with days sometimes reaching the seventies and the nights still cool and perfect for sleeping.

in my thanksgiving... employment! My husband was offered a job! Which makes the six months of our unemployment season coming to an end, and oh have we learned a ton of what to do's and definitely, what not to do's. Praising God for His for provision and providence over our family!

I'm reflecting on... this Pesach and Unleavended Bread season, the Biblical Holidays are so fulfilling when seen through the Fathers plan of Salvation. Our family reckons the beginning of the biblical new year as the 'sighted sliver moon & barley in aviv'... but you can read more about that.

from the pages... our current family read aloud is – Rescued From Egypt ~ A.L.O.E/Lamplighter Book – and it is so fitting. Through our Redeemer we are rescued from our own Egypt...

A snippet from the book's back cover:

“Arthur wrestles with inner conflict of living for himself and the approval of others or living for Messiah in spite of the rejection and ridicule he'll most like endure...”

of hearth and home... since we were blessed with a new job. We will be moving – and looking forward to the new season that is being opened up for our family. This move will require a long distance drive from the South to the North, and landing us near our families... where we hope in the next year to have a place of our own and begin the much anticipated journey of homesteading.

seeking simplicity... life can seem so stagnant sometimes, moving ever so slowly and I must recognize that slow moving streams can breed discontentment. Then at other times life can flow like a rapid river, twisting and winding through boulders and banks, not knowing what lays around the next corner... this moving again, brings me to seeking simplicity with my whole heart. Resting on the fact that He has this even in the eddies.

cultivating our souls... “Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others. Let this mind be in you which is in Messiah Yeshua.” ~ Philippians 2:3-5

building community and sustainability... again relocation, brings sweetness and sadness. It is sweet to remember upon the hearts of the Body who have been there for us. Extending so much love and kindness... it is also sad to think we will be moving – leaving behind this home. But in reality we are not leaving community, we are extending it by another seven hundred miles.

in sowing and reaping... we are looking forward to a new season, the beginning of the biblical new year, the first feast season... a new job, a new state... and one day a new home. I pray these seeds are sown well... and that our family can walk through this honoring to the Almighty.

creations for the apothecary... actually the apothecary is packed up, with a small tote available for traveling needs. I already miss the jars of oils, tinctures and herbs displayed in the corners and cupboards of our small home on wheels. 

~ Blessings! 

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