April 28, 2016

Honest, open... and a little nervous.

So much is flowing, thoughts and questions are pouring over each moment of the day. Really, I am not even confident that I can write it all down. To share it, in a way that would make sense to anyone ~ except God and myself.  It's not chaos or confusion...  but the reality is there is much on my plate, there are piles heaped... but it's okay. On the inside its flowing shalom. He's got this!

For that I am grateful. Because I was not in that place three weeks ago.

But I don't want to share about that... instead I have other things to share.

Things like the new pair of earrings my husband bought for me. I really like them.

If you knew me, you would know that I don't wear earrings. For one, I am a very hands on type of woman. These hands have held babies, and dying hands of the elderly. Butchered chickens and gutted deer. Played car mechanic and knitted wool mittens. And two, time and snag factor... I don't want to mess with it, or like times past... snag them in or on something. Hoops and farm tools don't mix.

But... I am learning that somethings are worth adding a little frosting to.

And the book I am reading. Okay. I have six books that I am actually reading, and I am some where between the beginning and middle of them all... but this is the one that I have been going to most often.

It's keeping me focused on my task of looking for property, a home for our family.

And there are things like: Dad's in the hospital, he stepped on a nail... hit the tendon and well, it went from bad to worse in less than four days. His surgery went well. Healing is in progress. My Husband is still in his fight with poison sumac, and it's not better or worse... so I would say he is holding his own. My daughter is signed up for college, something we both process and ponder on every day, God help me give her advice based on your Wisdom. 

I have a new milking job. We are still working out a schedule... but basically I will be milking goats for milk for our family. It's gives the owner a break and it gives us yummy, raw goat's milk. And I was excepted as a contributing herbalist for The Biblical Herbal...

Yeah. Let me say that again. I was accepted as a contributor for The Biblical Herbal.


Yep. I may be a little nervous.

And this has all happened in the last three weeks...

 ~ Blessings!

April 23, 2016

Of Wood piles and Sumac... an itch for Spring

It took Cletus and my husband five trips to achieve removal of the old wood pile, and it took both of them getting pretty dirty in the process. Although within twenty four hours it was clear that Cletus came out in better shape...

You see my husband is highly sensitive to two things... bee stings and poison ivy. There was a day when ~ if he was down wind of a poison ivy breeze he would get it. Epi-pens were a reality in his life for bee sting season.

So when he came in that afternoon with a reactive mark across the forehead, I was concerned... honestly he looked like someone hit him across the head with a whip. We knew it was something, but I wasn't sold on poison ivy... I remembered what that looked like, and how he responded to it.

Over the next two days, he had more evidence of urushiol contact...  on his throat, ankles and wrists. Some along his fingers too. Clearly any where he touched the culprit or where the oily substance touched him, he was developing issues.

From day one I began the home remedies, monitoring for severe allergic issues and hitting my resources... but it was not until I noticed his wrists and surveyed the area in which the contact was made that I was sure of what it was. The verdict according to me: Poison Sumac.

With what's left of my apothecary in storage, I am limited on available resources for at home treatments... currently we are using a blend of witch hazel, lavender and melaleuca and increasing proper foods for boosting the bodies immune system.

And I am praising God that he has not had complications with breathing, or being swollen of face. 

What I need now is to locate some jewel weed and inspiration!

~ Blessings!

April 17, 2016

An Amish tip: for easier to peel hard boiled eggs

Laying hens this time of year often start giving on a more regular basis. Which means a lot more eggs... and if you have been keeping chickens for sometime, you are well acquainted with the known problem of tough to peel egg shells. Mine usually came out looking like the surface of the globe.

This very topic came up with my {former} Amish neighbors, when a friend of mine was admiring their jars of pickled eggs, okay not the actual pickled part... but those nice little orbs with no pits on them. So what do the Amish do, to have farm fresh eggs look like surfaces of satin?

Tip: Take a spoon or butter knife and tap on the raw - egg shell, just hard enough to crack the shell and not the membrane. Then place the egg/s in the water to boil, once the eggs have been hard boiled... place them in cold water. Let them sit just long enough to handle and peel... and there you have it. Better surfaces for those egg dishes we love to serve!

What tips do you have for being successful with farm fresh ~ hard boiled eggs?

~ Blessings!

Shared With: The Art of Homemaking Mondays #101

April 15, 2016

Sunsets for Sabbath - the beginnings of day Seven

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... I say when you stop to watch the work of His Creation, one is often left speechless.

"For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy." ~ Exodus 20:11

 ~ Blessings!

April 12, 2016

Relocated and the Essential Oil Round Table

We made it to our new home state, and are semi settled in at the parents house... a temporary pit stop until the home we are looking to rent is ready for us to occupy. Husband started his job, first full day today and I am fishing out teaching possibilities. There is a huge interest here for the use of herbal remedies and how to use essential oils. As well as a strong community interest in {Farm to Table} production... which I just love!

So now that we are getting back into the swing of things, I wanted to share about an upcoming event I am really looking forward to gleaning from. It's call the Essential Oil Round Table. Have you heard of it yet?

From the website:

"The Essential Oil Round Table is the premier essential oils event featuring both real professionals and passionate enthusiasts, coming together in a spirit of unity and collaboration to share their collective experiences and expertise. This FREE online event showcases a Round Table of 3-4 speakers, ranging from enthusiasts to professional aromatherapists and scientists to discuss a theme each day. These educational videos are delivered directly to your screen for ONE DAY ONLY.  Come join us."

I don't know about you, but this is something I am planning to be more intentional on, gleaning reliable education for free. For my family and for my self. The event will run {May 2 to May 7 - 2016} and is delivered to your personal computer. Registration in now open!

If you can, please take a few moments and check out the speakers in the line up... I would venture to say that you would be blessed by gleaning from any one of them. Of course, after reading about who is speaking, I may have to put this on the learning library list for home education.

~ Blessings!

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