April 17, 2016

An Amish tip: for easier to peel hard boiled eggs

Laying hens this time of year often start giving on a more regular basis. Which means a lot more eggs... and if you have been keeping chickens for sometime, you are well acquainted with the known problem of tough to peel egg shells. Mine usually came out looking like the surface of the globe.

This very topic came up with my {former} Amish neighbors, when a friend of mine was admiring their jars of pickled eggs, okay not the actual pickled part... but those nice little orbs with no pits on them. So what do the Amish do, to have farm fresh eggs look like surfaces of satin?

Tip: Take a spoon or butter knife and tap on the raw - egg shell, just hard enough to crack the shell and not the membrane. Then place the egg/s in the water to boil, once the eggs have been hard boiled... place them in cold water. Let them sit just long enough to handle and peel... and there you have it. Better surfaces for those egg dishes we love to serve!

What tips do you have for being successful with farm fresh ~ hard boiled eggs?

~ Blessings!

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