April 28, 2016

Honest, open... and a little nervous.

So much is flowing, thoughts and questions are pouring over each moment of the day. Really, I am not even confident that I can write it all down. To share it, in a way that would make sense to anyone ~ except God and myself.  It's not chaos or confusion...  but the reality is there is much on my plate, there are piles heaped... but it's okay. On the inside its flowing shalom. He's got this!

For that I am grateful. Because I was not in that place three weeks ago.

But I don't want to share about that... instead I have other things to share.

Things like the new pair of earrings my husband bought for me. I really like them.

If you knew me, you would know that I don't wear earrings. For one, I am a very hands on type of woman. These hands have held babies, and dying hands of the elderly. Butchered chickens and gutted deer. Played car mechanic and knitted wool mittens. And two, time and snag factor... I don't want to mess with it, or like times past... snag them in or on something. Hoops and farm tools don't mix.

But... I am learning that somethings are worth adding a little frosting to.

And the book I am reading. Okay. I have six books that I am actually reading, and I am some where between the beginning and middle of them all... but this is the one that I have been going to most often.

It's keeping me focused on my task of looking for property, a home for our family.

And there are things like: Dad's in the hospital, he stepped on a nail... hit the tendon and well, it went from bad to worse in less than four days. His surgery went well. Healing is in progress. My Husband is still in his fight with poison sumac, and it's not better or worse... so I would say he is holding his own. My daughter is signed up for college, something we both process and ponder on every day, God help me give her advice based on your Wisdom. 

I have a new milking job. We are still working out a schedule... but basically I will be milking goats for milk for our family. It's gives the owner a break and it gives us yummy, raw goat's milk. And I was excepted as a contributing herbalist for The Biblical Herbal...

Yeah. Let me say that again. I was accepted as a contributor for The Biblical Herbal.


Yep. I may be a little nervous.

And this has all happened in the last three weeks...

 ~ Blessings!

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