April 23, 2016

Of Wood piles and Sumac... an itch for Spring

It took Cletus and my husband five trips to achieve removal of the old wood pile, and it took both of them getting pretty dirty in the process. Although within twenty four hours it was clear that Cletus came out in better shape...

You see my husband is highly sensitive to two things... bee stings and poison ivy. There was a day when ~ if he was down wind of a poison ivy breeze he would get it. Epi-pens were a reality in his life for bee sting season.

So when he came in that afternoon with a reactive mark across the forehead, I was concerned... honestly he looked like someone hit him across the head with a whip. We knew it was something, but I wasn't sold on poison ivy... I remembered what that looked like, and how he responded to it.

Over the next two days, he had more evidence of urushiol contact...  on his throat, ankles and wrists. Some along his fingers too. Clearly any where he touched the culprit or where the oily substance touched him, he was developing issues.

From day one I began the home remedies, monitoring for severe allergic issues and hitting my resources... but it was not until I noticed his wrists and surveyed the area in which the contact was made that I was sure of what it was. The verdict according to me: Poison Sumac.

With what's left of my apothecary in storage, I am limited on available resources for at home treatments... currently we are using a blend of witch hazel, lavender and melaleuca and increasing proper foods for boosting the bodies immune system.

And I am praising God that he has not had complications with breathing, or being swollen of face. 

What I need now is to locate some jewel weed and inspiration!

~ Blessings!

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