May 26, 2016

His Hand Knitted sweater :: my love

A year and a half woven together, finally created his hand knitted sweater. A gift of love and time... readers, time is so very precious. You really never know what a day may bring, or how a season of change will alter the course of your life forever. This sweater was a project of endurance, of learning, and of patience, but it was also a work of life and love.

Every evening that I danced with this fiber represents 'family evenings' gathered together, listening to our Lamplighter Audio Books on the i-pod, and every late 'sleepless night' represented prayers and praises being lifted up to the clicking sound of needles.

Yes, this is more than just a knitted wool sweater...

Now there before me, stood my man, wrapped in little loops of life represented. Memories flooded my mind as I recalled each seasonal piece knitted. Tears filled my eyes as I rebuked the regret of ever feeling like I would never be 'done' with this project... or the season we were in.

And there it was... done. Completed. Now breathe.

A tapestry woven, gift to my husband, symbolic of so much. Honestly, I would do it all over again. The sweater and the season, with you right there beside me.  I love you ~ Steven.

~ Blessings!

About the Sweater: the pattern, called Cape Cod, can be found here, and the fiber I used here. The color I chose was Briar Heather. Now a side note about the fiber, it is labeled bulky, but it is not really bulky in relation to the pattern I chose. Happy Knitting!


  1. I love that sweater. I confess, I have one I haven't touched in two years, sitting in a bag for my husband. I got the front and back done and stopped when I was shaping the neck. There's only so much creative energy available. Your's looks really comfy.

    1. Thank you... it really hangs well, but not too much. And I totally understand the "only so much creative energy available." It took some discipline to push through but I am so glad I did. Thanks for stopping by!