May 19, 2016

Pickin Plantain {Plantago major, P. lancelata}

Plantain was one of the first herbs my mama ever exposed me to, via a bee sting. This experience included saliva, a kiss and something that resulted in a green mushy paste. And like her, it was one of the first herbs that I exposed my little girl to... yes plantain is worth picking, and will never be a weed to me.

It grows just about everywhere and is a 'foundation' herb in my home apothecary. During the season's of growth, I pick it early in the morning, before the sun has warmed the leaves to hot. Or in the evening, when the leaves have cooled to chill. Most of the time I dry them, by laying them out flat after a quick rinsing bath.

When the harvest is dry, my herbal canvas is ready... then comes a cultivation of color in hues of green and oil. Nutrient dense, known for the ability to draw and to purify, powerful in standing alone or being supportive in teamwork.

For a Plantain Poultice

You need a handful of fresh, young plantain leaves. Or whatever amount is needed to cover the area where the poultice will be applied. Mush them. Unless it's very close family members, please do not put them in your mouth and chew them up to use... this should be reserved only for those mama's needing to deal with an issue quickly.

Trust me.

Apply this green mush to the affected area... and cover with a cloth wrap or bandage. After roughly thirty minutes, remove and repeat. Use as needed.

 Tip: I buy cotton sheets from the thrift stores and wash them really well, dry them in the sun and then rip them into strips for this very use. 

~ Blessings!

Please Note: I do not treat, diagnose, nor imply disease/illness prevention. I am an herbalist and not a physician, my statements have not been approved nor evaluated by the FDA. I have received formal education from Vintage Remedies, and am currently saving my dimes to pay for my next learning experience. Please see my disclosure policy for more details.

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