{Book Review} Meant to be Modest by Nicole Crone - review and give away

Modesty is a huge love of my heart, and the call for ladies to be modest in this day and age is something I feel is gravely missing in the world. Child of God or not. Women are not objects and are of great societal worth, just as children and men. Each having a designed role. So when the opportunity arrived for me to review Meant to be Modest by Nicole Crone, I was excited as well as some what cautious...

In full disclosure, I confess that I wear skirts almost exclusively. I wear them for a multitude of reasons, and being modest is just one part of my why. For me, wearing a skirt is a statement that I embrace being a woman, it's personal and my opinion is for myself. However, wearing a skirt doesn't mean your automatically modest, but that modesty determines the fit, length and style of the skirt.

As well as the heart {mind} condition.

Please do not confuse this to mean that I believe that wearing jeans is immodest. My daughter wears jeans almost exclusively, and looks very feminine and modest in them, Again, modesty comes into play when the jeans appear painted on, offer no coverage or allow the gender of a human being to be confused.

I also want to point out that men are just as responsible for modesty as women. This includes shorts, the lack of shirts, clothing that hugs too tight and the exploitation of immodest relationships or interactions. It's time for the men of God to step up in this area as well...

The short of it is this, Meant to be Modest is an easy to read, and it is written in a friendly manner. Nicole brings up many questions that each one of us, as His children, should ask of ourselves. Some could quite possibly strike a cord. But the striking, I believe is done to sharper iron and not done to condemn someone. And while I do not agree with Nicole on every point within the book... I do think it's worth reading, and that each of us can take something good from it, and bring honor & glory to our Redeemer.

What I like About it:
  • easy to read & and worth the time it took to read
  • written with love and joy
  • non condemning and full of Scriptural principles
  • makes one think about what they believe about modesty
  • you get a chance to earn a free copy, a gift to a winner by lots

What concerns Me:
  • I caution extremes, of attitude and actions. I say this because I have been there. On both sides. I have behaved poorly, appeared self righteous, and offended others in my personal search for modesty. Unintentionally, maybe - but it still hurt them and I am grieved over it... I have also been hurt, labeled and treated with contempt, and somehow lacking intelligence because I wore long skirts or covered my body more than uncovered it.

My point, walk with the Father, read His whole WORD and seek His face. Know Yeshua Messiah {Jesus Christ} in the cultural context of His first coming, seek the things He approves of and let Him make over your life via the Spirit. Be true to the WORD and walk therein.

What's in the Book? - partial chapter overview: Modesty isn't Just About What We Wear, Modesty Matters, Modesty and Jesus... does He Really Care About What We Wear? Another Reason Why We Must Consider Modesty, Modesty Standards and the Bible, and more...

If you would like a free kindle copy of Meant to be Modest, please leave me a comment to this post. One random winner will be chosen and announced on Friday, July 1st 2016. Remember that I must have a way to contact you, and you will then have forty eight hours to respond, if you do not respond then a new winner will be chosen.

The winner will then receive an electronic free copy of Meant to be Modest by Nicole Crone in their email box. 


Thank you for reading and thank you Nicole for putting yourself out there and sharing your heart! This is not an easy subject to write about...

~ Blessings!

A little Less than Social

I have not blogged in a week, honestly I haven't been through the whole of my 'in box' either... life is just too overwhelmingly crazy that I can not keep up. And I learned long ago that this pace is not healthy nor does it cultivate happiness. So in my attempt to pour out a piece of me, to surrender that space for more of something towards Kingdom work, here's a post of my reflection.

looking out my window…currently, the sun is just setting behind the great waters of this area and the stars are peeking through heavens floor. This small town is trying to settle in for the evening and so are those who reside here.

in my thanksgiving... the laundry was washed this evening, and hung on the line. The roast was pulled from the freezer and dinner is planned for tomorrow. The bed is ready to receive me and the faint sounds of praise music plays from my husband phone, as he searches for property and/or a home for his family.

pondering on... my mind is full. Pondering on the needs of our aging parents, being the oldest and the only girl, and the only one who knows mama's heart on all matters of growing older... the load is heavy. She needs a small freezer... and a healing of her hip. We found out that her pelvis has a break, making every day a little harder. She can walk and all, still plants green beans and pulls weeds... but the pain is real. She is tired.

Father in law's memory and over all cognitive decline is progressing, often interrupting the routine results in emotional stress... on both parties. Things are placed in odd locations, tendencies of hording are evident and set patterns for controlled success are in place. I want to honor and I want to cry... and yes, I'm tired too.

from the pages... I will be sharing two book reviews with you in the near future, one of which will come with a chance for you to win your very own copy. But I don't want to say to much just yet, as it could ruin the surprise. Let's just say I have stayed up past my bed time more than once lately.

of hearth and home... we are still activity searching for a place our family can call home, as this living situation is temporary. There is longing for our few belongings to be out of their boxes and our living space to be slightly larger than thirty feet. In the mean time, we are trying to make the most of a difficult situation and rejoice in the fact that we are all together.

seeking simplicity... I am trying. The title of this reflection is ' a little less than social'... for a couple of reasons. I think I struggle with balance, but in all honesty that could be a total 'in this season' struggle... and something that could be tamed. :)

cultivating our souls... one of the pillars of our family is that we read the Scriptures together, each night before bed. As well as a family read aloud... we aim for reading the Bible together in a year and approximately twelve read aloud books. Of course this varies due to length and life, but it's been something that holds us together, even in the overwhelmingly crazy.

building community and sustainability... I have not shared much on our community garden, but hey it's better late than never! We have two plots, each one is roughly four by twenty five feet and are filled with all kinds of seedy goodness. Things like peppers, tomatoes, kale, chard, spinach and calendula... it's also strawberry season, and the average price around here is $4.00 a quart or $2.50 a quart if you want to pick them yourself.

in sowing and reaping...  sharing a picture of our tomato plant, growing along nicely. We planted a new to us plant this year, it's indigo rose and I can not wait to take a picture of it! This one is a manitoba and he's one of my favorites for cooler weather climates.

creations for the apothecary... in the midst of everything, I have managed to harvest some plantain. Our green balm is getting low and some home made herbal oils are in order. As I close this post, and prep for checking a few emails, I wanted to pass along that I am on call for 'labor'. My goat milking side job, the owner is due to have her second child any day... and can you believe she wants me to be there. Talk about humbling a girl...

"Come to Me, all who are weary 
and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest."
~ Matthew 11:28 ~

 ~ Blessings!

{Summer Abundance} a Seasonal confession and The Biblical Herbal

* This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure for full details. Any purchase made through my link will add to my herbal education and help support our family. Thank you!

Friends I have sad news, and I am truly sorry to let you know this hard reality, but summer is not any slower than any other season of the year. It's just different. Sure the days are longer, and thankfully so is Shabbat. Yes, there are relaxing evenings in the garden or on the front porch. Cooking special summer dishes on the grill, spending extra time with family and friends. Gleaning and harvesting the gardens provision is just beginning to get serious... okay scratch that, it's serious... it's all serious.

But in the midst of these wonderfully, bliss filled days and evenings... in the midst of summer sun and bug swatting, I would encourage you to grab a quart sized mason jar, fill it with ice, add a little lemon and fill it with your favorite herbal tea.

Then get comfy, somewhere in the shade... this is so you can see the screen of your technological reading apparatus... and read The Biblical Herbal.

The summer edition is here, right along with summer's abundance.

And what better way to refocus, rest a moment, soak up something prudent and be inspired at the same time.  I am not joking. When I browsed through this issue first thing this morning, yeah I had not even finished a full cup of coffee, I thought to myself, this needs to be in print! It's beautiful.

I still can not believe I am able to be apart of it, really it's humbling and encouraging at the same time. And I am learning so much too!

If your wondering what I shared, well all I can tell you is that is has to do with Monarda & Myrrh. To find out exactly what I wrote you would have to head over to The Biblical Herbal and purchase your summer issue. But if you need more details please stay long enough to finish to the post...

More on the Summer Issue of The Biblical Herbal  
as shared on the site via Tamra Speakman

After the spring rains, summer comes to us with an abundance of sun, vitamin D, plant growth, and fun. Unfortunately, with the blessed abundance can come burns, injuries, and exhaustion. This issue is themed Summer Abundance and brings with it amazing articles focused on how to use herbs to increase your summer joy and get through any summer issues. We have added several contributors along with 5 new columns such as:

The Culinary Herbal
Herbal Body Care and Toiletries
Green Cleaning
Herbal Education and Book Reviews
Biblical Whole Foods
A Focus on Safe Herbal Cancer Care

While herbalism provides some amazing options for cancer care, there is a lot of unsafe or ineffective information available. I wanted to provide our readers with a safe and knowledgeable herbal perspective on this very serious disease. I am excited to announce our guest article by herbalist Donald R. Yance of The Mederi Foundation. Donnie is who I would consider the foremost expert in herbal cancer care. At The Mederi Centre for Natural Healing they "integrate holistic and allopathic medicine to create personalized regimens focused on a “whole systems” approach to patient care with an emphasis on wellness."

The Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS) that Donnie created "Synergistically combines botanical and nutritional formulations, targeted agents, diet and prayer as the core therapeutic components of a tailored regiment."

Lessons for Little Sprouts - Plantain

The summer Issue of Lessons for Little Sprouts has a new summer cover and is focused on the herb Plantain. Lesson's for Little Sprouts is a black and white printable mini magazine that comes with each issue. Your children will love to color the hand drawn cover and images, as well as work through the herb-focused bible study and activities. 

Sounds good huh?! The Biblical Herbal is available as an individual issue or as the quarterly subscription, and I would encourage you check out either. Also I must confess to you all that my favorite season is still Fall, but this summer issue has inspired me to herbally embrace the abundance of summer!

~ Blessings!

Sabbath creatives of His Creation... it speaks!

I enjoy taking pictures. Pictures of small details, moments in life never to be relived, and pictures of God's Creation are my personal favorite to shoot...

But no matter how creative I can be with the camera and the computer, I will never be the Master Creationist... and I am perfectly alright with that.

~ Shabbat Shalom & Blessings!

Five things to Make and Do with Botanical Interests seed packets

Last night we finished planting the rest of the seeds in our community garden...

It was a long day, not with the planting, but just a long day of things that needed to happen. And we all know how that goes...

So just before lights out, I sat at the edge of the bed with my gardening box in hand, holding some empty seed packets from Botanical Interests... wondering what could I use these for?

Really, I think they have some of the best botanical artwork I have ever seen and I don't just want to throw them away or compost them, if I can find a creative use for them. Now mind you this is an {on the fly and in a flash} styled blog post, but here are five things you can make and do with Botanical Interests seed packets...

  • Book Marks: the fronts and little side planting strip would make great book marks. I tried to whip up one or two quickly this morning, after taking Mo to the dog park and picking up our inter-library loans - so it's not the best quality, but you get the idea.

  • Thank You Note Envelopes - with a little creative working at the seams, open your packet up and fashion it as an envelope for your special thank you.
  • Invitations to a Garden Party or Garden Tea - again work your packet open, and adhere a blank piece of paper to the inside. This blank space is where you would write the invitation details... you could use a computer to create a prettier inside with special fonts. 

  • Inserts or Accents to your Project Life or Scrapbooks - these are the perfect size for Project Life sleeves and gardening scrapbooks, or even your own special garden journal. Mini book covers?
  • Seed Box Covers - take all of your left over Botanical Interests seed packets and cut the fronts off, decoupage them onto a board or wooden box of your choice, use this box to store your short term seeds in. 

I think the ideas could be endless! So if you have one that comes to mind, please feel free to share it below... I look forward to the reading and gleaning.

~ Blessings!

Shared With: The Art of Homemaking Mondays #108

Looking for Land: the first option and free mosquitoes

Last my night my husband and I semi-walked ten acres of land, heavily wooded land. I say semi because we were not prepared to walk the entire ten acres that late in the day. Okay. I was not prepared... it most definitely was not a terrain for sandals. But oh it was so green and lush!

The PRO - Facts: I am sure the more we ponder this process, the more I could add and take away.
  • Ten Acres - hardwoods mostly, lots of Maple trees, five more than our minimum desired, and possible sell-able lumber options
  • Near or Semi Near - three cities of various size to provide employment
  • Strong Agri-Tourism Market - yes, I used a wiki link - I'm sorry
  • NOT near a Cell Tour or High Emission Power lines - this is a deal breaker for me
  • Reasonably Priced - for this area, truly it's not a bad price. 
  • Water Level - by our first assessment, it would not be too deep for a good well
  • It's Country - in fact, this piece is in one of the two townships, in this county, that doesn't have any zoning or ordinances on the books! :)
  • Goat Friendly - actually, this piece might require some for proper stewardship {?}

The CON - Considerations
  • Completely RAW Land - this could go in either list, depending on how you view things
  • Free Mosquitoes - lots of them. Hence the lovely quality of the photos via camera phone
  • All of the Above could Change - but I am not too concerned about it, except maybe the cell towers and power lines. What if's can keep you from moving forward...
  • Solar - is going to require some 'thinking'
  • No Well or Septic - again, depending on how you view things, this could be a bonus
  • County - this particular county, is ridged in my opinion. So I am cautious. 
  • REQUIRES WORK - this is not your average plug and play homestead, but again this may go in either list
  • Open spaces limited - at first view, there are only two places in which there could be a level or semi level building site. So it's not a breaker, but just something to consider
  • No Pasture - at all. Again... just something to consider

Our plan at this point it to keep our eyes open, but this piece is something we are actually pursuing a little farther. However, nothing is signed, sealed, or in writing just yet.  We are still working on our pro and con list, talking with the seller and praying about our next steps.

Could we, at forty something, hack out a homestead on raw land? 
What would be the next question in the process that you would ask? 
What am I missing in this process? Seriously. I know I am missing something.

~ Blessings!