June 28, 2016

{Book Review} Meant to be Modest by Nicole Crone - review and give away

Modesty is a huge love of my heart, and the call for ladies to be modest in this day and age is something I feel is gravely missing in the world. Child of God or not. Women are not objects and are of great societal worth, just as children and men. Each having a designed role. So when the opportunity arrived for me to review Meant to be Modest by Nicole Crone, I was excited as well as some what cautious...

In full disclosure, I confess that I wear skirts almost exclusively. I wear them for a multitude of reasons, and being modest is just one part of my why. For me, wearing a skirt is a statement that I embrace being a woman, it's personal and my opinion is for myself. However, wearing a skirt doesn't mean your automatically modest, but that modesty determines the fit, length and style of the skirt.

As well as the heart {mind} condition.

Please do not confuse this to mean that I believe that wearing jeans is immodest. My daughter wears jeans almost exclusively, and looks very feminine and modest in them, Again, modesty comes into play when the jeans appear painted on, offer no coverage or allow the gender of a human being to be confused.

I also want to point out that men are just as responsible for modesty as women. This includes shorts, the lack of shirts, clothing that hugs too tight and the exploitation of immodest relationships or interactions. It's time for the men of God to step up in this area as well...

The short of it is this, Meant to be Modest is an easy to read, and it is written in a friendly manner. Nicole brings up many questions that each one of us, as His children, should ask of ourselves. Some could quite possibly strike a cord. But the striking, I believe is done to sharper iron and not done to condemn someone. And while I do not agree with Nicole on every point within the book... I do think it's worth reading, and that each of us can take something good from it, and bring honor & glory to our Redeemer.

What I like About it:
  • easy to read & and worth the time it took to read
  • written with love and joy
  • non condemning and full of Scriptural principles
  • makes one think about what they believe about modesty
  • you get a chance to earn a free copy, a gift to a winner by lots

What concerns Me:
  • I caution extremes, of attitude and actions. I say this because I have been there. On both sides. I have behaved poorly, appeared self righteous, and offended others in my personal search for modesty. Unintentionally, maybe - but it still hurt them and I am grieved over it... I have also been hurt, labeled and treated with contempt, and somehow lacking intelligence because I wore long skirts or covered my body more than uncovered it.

My point, walk with the Father, read His whole WORD and seek His face. Know Yeshua Messiah {Jesus Christ} in the cultural context of His first coming, seek the things He approves of and let Him make over your life via the Spirit. Be true to the WORD and walk therein.

What's in the Book? - partial chapter overview: Modesty isn't Just About What We Wear, Modesty Matters, Modesty and Jesus... does He Really Care About What We Wear? Another Reason Why We Must Consider Modesty, Modesty Standards and the Bible, and more...

If you would like a free kindle copy of Meant to be Modest, please leave me a comment to this post. One random winner will be chosen and announced on Friday, July 1st 2016. Remember that I must have a way to contact you, and you will then have forty eight hours to respond, if you do not respond then a new winner will be chosen.

The winner will then receive an electronic free copy of Meant to be Modest by Nicole Crone in their email box. 


Thank you for reading and thank you Nicole for putting yourself out there and sharing your heart! This is not an easy subject to write about...

~ Blessings!

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  1. This sounds like an interesting read! I agree it is a difficult subject to write and talk about. I would love to win a copy. proud2bmykswife@yahoo.com