June 1, 2016

Looking for Land: the first option and free mosquitoes

Last my night my husband and I semi-walked ten acres of land, heavily wooded land. I say semi because we were not prepared to walk the entire ten acres that late in the day. Okay. I was not prepared... it most definitely was not a terrain for sandals. But oh it was so green and lush!

The PRO - Facts: I am sure the more we ponder this process, the more I could add and take away.
  • Ten Acres - hardwoods mostly, lots of Maple trees, five more than our minimum desired, and possible sell-able lumber options
  • Near or Semi Near - three cities of various size to provide employment
  • Strong Agri-Tourism Market - yes, I used a wiki link - I'm sorry
  • NOT near a Cell Tour or High Emission Power lines - this is a deal breaker for me
  • Reasonably Priced - for this area, truly it's not a bad price. 
  • Water Level - by our first assessment, it would not be too deep for a good well
  • It's Country - in fact, this piece is in one of the two townships, in this county, that doesn't have any zoning or ordinances on the books! :)
  • Goat Friendly - actually, this piece might require some for proper stewardship {?}

The CON - Considerations
  • Completely RAW Land - this could go in either list, depending on how you view things
  • Free Mosquitoes - lots of them. Hence the lovely quality of the photos via camera phone
  • All of the Above could Change - but I am not too concerned about it, except maybe the cell towers and power lines. What if's can keep you from moving forward...
  • Solar - is going to require some 'thinking'
  • No Well or Septic - again, depending on how you view things, this could be a bonus
  • County - this particular county, is ridged in my opinion. So I am cautious. 
  • REQUIRES WORK - this is not your average plug and play homestead, but again this may go in either list
  • Open spaces limited - at first view, there are only two places in which there could be a level or semi level building site. So it's not a breaker, but just something to consider
  • No Pasture - at all. Again... just something to consider

Our plan at this point it to keep our eyes open, but this piece is something we are actually pursuing a little farther. However, nothing is signed, sealed, or in writing just yet.  We are still working on our pro and con list, talking with the seller and praying about our next steps.

Could we, at forty something, hack out a homestead on raw land? 
What would be the next question in the process that you would ask? 
What am I missing in this process? Seriously. I know I am missing something.

~ Blessings!

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