June 23, 2016

A little Less than Social

I have not blogged in a week, honestly I haven't been through the whole of my 'in box' either... life is just too overwhelmingly crazy that I can not keep up. And I learned long ago that this pace is not healthy nor does it cultivate happiness. So in my attempt to pour out a piece of me, to surrender that space for more of something towards Kingdom work, here's a post of my reflection.

looking out my window…currently, the sun is just setting behind the great waters of this area and the stars are peeking through heavens floor. This small town is trying to settle in for the evening and so are those who reside here.

in my thanksgiving... the laundry was washed this evening, and hung on the line. The roast was pulled from the freezer and dinner is planned for tomorrow. The bed is ready to receive me and the faint sounds of praise music plays from my husband phone, as he searches for property and/or a home for his family.

pondering on... my mind is full. Pondering on the needs of our aging parents, being the oldest and the only girl, and the only one who knows mama's heart on all matters of growing older... the load is heavy. She needs a small freezer... and a healing of her hip. We found out that her pelvis has a break, making every day a little harder. She can walk and all, still plants green beans and pulls weeds... but the pain is real. She is tired.

Father in law's memory and over all cognitive decline is progressing, often interrupting the routine results in emotional stress... on both parties. Things are placed in odd locations, tendencies of hording are evident and set patterns for controlled success are in place. I want to honor and I want to cry... and yes, I'm tired too.

from the pages... I will be sharing two book reviews with you in the near future, one of which will come with a chance for you to win your very own copy. But I don't want to say to much just yet, as it could ruin the surprise. Let's just say I have stayed up past my bed time more than once lately.

of hearth and home... we are still activity searching for a place our family can call home, as this living situation is temporary. There is longing for our few belongings to be out of their boxes and our living space to be slightly larger than thirty feet. In the mean time, we are trying to make the most of a difficult situation and rejoice in the fact that we are all together.

seeking simplicity... I am trying. The title of this reflection is ' a little less than social'... for a couple of reasons. I think I struggle with balance, but in all honesty that could be a total 'in this season' struggle... and something that could be tamed. :)

cultivating our souls... one of the pillars of our family is that we read the Scriptures together, each night before bed. As well as a family read aloud... we aim for reading the Bible together in a year and approximately twelve read aloud books. Of course this varies due to length and life, but it's been something that holds us together, even in the overwhelmingly crazy.

building community and sustainability... I have not shared much on our community garden, but hey it's better late than never! We have two plots, each one is roughly four by twenty five feet and are filled with all kinds of seedy goodness. Things like peppers, tomatoes, kale, chard, spinach and calendula... it's also strawberry season, and the average price around here is $4.00 a quart or $2.50 a quart if you want to pick them yourself.

in sowing and reaping...  sharing a picture of our tomato plant, growing along nicely. We planted a new to us plant this year, it's indigo rose and I can not wait to take a picture of it! This one is a manitoba and he's one of my favorites for cooler weather climates.

creations for the apothecary... in the midst of everything, I have managed to harvest some plantain. Our green balm is getting low and some home made herbal oils are in order. As I close this post, and prep for checking a few emails, I wanted to pass along that I am on call for 'labor'. My goat milking side job, the owner is due to have her second child any day... and can you believe she wants me to be there. Talk about humbling a girl...

"Come to Me, all who are weary 
and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest."
~ Matthew 11:28 ~

 ~ Blessings!

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