June 16, 2016

{Summer Abundance} a Seasonal confession and The Biblical Herbal

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Friends I have sad news, and I am truly sorry to let you know this hard reality, but summer is not any slower than any other season of the year. It's just different. Sure the days are longer, and thankfully so is Shabbat. Yes, there are relaxing evenings in the garden or on the front porch. Cooking special summer dishes on the grill, spending extra time with family and friends. Gleaning and harvesting the gardens provision is just beginning to get serious... okay scratch that, it's serious... it's all serious.

But in the midst of these wonderfully, bliss filled days and evenings... in the midst of summer sun and bug swatting, I would encourage you to grab a quart sized mason jar, fill it with ice, add a little lemon and fill it with your favorite herbal tea.

Then get comfy, somewhere in the shade... this is so you can see the screen of your technological reading apparatus... and read The Biblical Herbal.

The summer edition is here, right along with summer's abundance.

And what better way to refocus, rest a moment, soak up something prudent and be inspired at the same time.  I am not joking. When I browsed through this issue first thing this morning, yeah I had not even finished a full cup of coffee, I thought to myself, this needs to be in print! It's beautiful.

I still can not believe I am able to be apart of it, really it's humbling and encouraging at the same time. And I am learning so much too!

If your wondering what I shared, well all I can tell you is that is has to do with Monarda & Myrrh. To find out exactly what I wrote you would have to head over to The Biblical Herbal and purchase your summer issue. But if you need more details please stay long enough to finish to the post...

More on the Summer Issue of The Biblical Herbal  
as shared on the site via Tamra Speakman

After the spring rains, summer comes to us with an abundance of sun, vitamin D, plant growth, and fun. Unfortunately, with the blessed abundance can come burns, injuries, and exhaustion. This issue is themed Summer Abundance and brings with it amazing articles focused on how to use herbs to increase your summer joy and get through any summer issues. We have added several contributors along with 5 new columns such as:

The Culinary Herbal
Herbal Body Care and Toiletries
Green Cleaning
Herbal Education and Book Reviews
Biblical Whole Foods
A Focus on Safe Herbal Cancer Care

While herbalism provides some amazing options for cancer care, there is a lot of unsafe or ineffective information available. I wanted to provide our readers with a safe and knowledgeable herbal perspective on this very serious disease. I am excited to announce our guest article by herbalist Donald R. Yance of The Mederi Foundation. Donnie is who I would consider the foremost expert in herbal cancer care. At The Mederi Centre for Natural Healing they "integrate holistic and allopathic medicine to create personalized regimens focused on a “whole systems” approach to patient care with an emphasis on wellness."

The Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS) that Donnie created "Synergistically combines botanical and nutritional formulations, targeted agents, diet and prayer as the core therapeutic components of a tailored regiment."

Lessons for Little Sprouts - Plantain

The summer Issue of Lessons for Little Sprouts has a new summer cover and is focused on the herb Plantain. Lesson's for Little Sprouts is a black and white printable mini magazine that comes with each issue. Your children will love to color the hand drawn cover and images, as well as work through the herb-focused bible study and activities. 

Sounds good huh?! The Biblical Herbal is available as an individual issue or as the quarterly subscription, and I would encourage you check out either. Also I must confess to you all that my favorite season is still Fall, but this summer issue has inspired me to herbally embrace the abundance of summer!

~ Blessings!

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