July 8, 2016

Of Winnie, Milk and B'udder... an herbal balm recipe

Meet Winnie:

She is not my goat.

However, she and I are rather close these days. As I have the honor of milking her twice a day right now, as her owner just had a baby... oh my goodness, he is so handsome. He was born right at home, with mama, papa, and midwife. But this post is not supposed to be about the little man... its supposed to be about Winnie... and um - her udder b'udder.

real live action blurry goat picture

Winnie is the first goat I have had the privilege to milk, and again I am divinely blessed with the personality of hooves for this milking adventure. By that I mean she is very well trained, doesn't show too much apprehension for a new full-time milker and gives me a consistent volume in quarts.

And just for her, I created this lovely natural and nurturing b'udder balm. It's simple in ingredients and easy to whip up in a hurry... that is if you have everything on hand already.

The Recipe: this is really adjustable for personal size requirements, and right now I am making it in small batches for the job at hand. However I am thinking I might refine the recipe for my Esty Shop...

1/4 cup plantain & dandelion infused olive oil
1/2 cup shea butter
8 drops of melaleuca essential oil
8 drops of lavender essential oil

To Make: simply add the ingredients to an appropriate sized bowl and whip with a hand mixer. Once the b'udder has reached your desired consistency, package and label.

To Use: apply a quarter sized amount of b'udder to the udder after each milking, then gently massage over the entire surface area. Personally, I rub it all over my hands, then apply it the udder.

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~ Enjoy & Blessings!

Please Note: if you would like to know which essential oil brands I use and recommend please feel free to contact me. :)

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