August 6, 2016

The Ministry skill of Knitting or Where do You work?

I have been learning to knit for roughly four plus years, maybe more. Still, I have so much to learn... but with each project and year, glory I am gaining skill. My mama swears knitting was invented to torture people and cause personal agony, and therefore put down her knitting needles some time ago.

Now, I don't think she physically could do it. ?

Last month she needed a two baby shower gifts, and her budget would not allow for the extra expense. So she asked if I could knit her a couple of baby sweaters... I said yes to the opportunity to honor mama with an act of service. Saving her some stress, money and painful knitting attempts.

Besides, this gave me the opportunity to pick a new project, and to express my love for wool. :)

The first: raglan sweater :: a boy gift - knitted in size six to nine months

The second: baby's kaftan :: a girl gift - knitted in size six to nine months

Both patterns were from the baby knits book by Debbie Bliss. I found my copy at a yard sale or resale shop... for something of fifty cents. Truly, I have found some lovely books this way... adding to my resources frugally.

Handmade items make great gifts and love offerings...

The raglan, was made from one hundred percent wool fiber, while the kaftan was knitted from acrylic yarn. Personally, I prefer to use one hundred percent natural fibers or sometimes a blend of natural fibers but the acrylic was already chosen.

Now, after knitting them, I think I would like to make another set for my heritage chest... the heritage chest is a personal project of my heart. My hope is to knit or create special items for my 'one day' grandchildren... thinking generations here!

~ blessings!

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