Preparations for Fall :: a life collection

It's about there... being fall. My absolute favorite time of year! I really enjoy the cooling days and nights, the colors beginning to turn and that over whelming feeling to 'squirrel' things away for the winter. But these days have me bouncing from one project to another, leaving me little time for online visits and in depth fall preparations at all.

And when I am searching the web...  it's all about RV remodel. I know, a girl has to do what a girl has to do, but secretly I would rather be canning veggies or milking goats... however, in all honesty, I am squeaking a few fall::ish preps in here and there. Helping me to stay seasonal and in fair weather.

There's the Seed Harvest:

It's Calendula! We could not let these little gems go forsaken, so in a hurry I snipped them from our plants at the community garden and I plan to sort them... soon. I would like to send you to visit a lovely blog, where JES shares about Calendula and a whole more! You will not be disappointed...

The Latest Issue of The Biblical Herbal:

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I really like the cover, and the inside pages are filled with wonderful {quality} herbal goodness... I am currently on page 4. Did you know that anyone who purchases the Fall Issue receives a free bonus, it's an 11-page pdf created by contributing herbalist Rosanna King - a Herbal Menstruum Guide: Preferred alcohol concentration of menstruums for extracting over two hundred herbs.

The Continuing Tomato Harvest:

To me the tomato speaks for it's self. Indigo Blush. Two Bites. Now added to my list of things I would like to grow each year...

And Sukkot:

A very bad picture of our sukkah. Yes, it's made out of popsicle sticks and yes, that 'person' is made from a clothes pin... and yes, there really is a miniature paper chain hanging in there. It's what we can do in this season.

Finally, the Motor-home Remodel:

Alright, that might not be a fall::ish preparation. But it is something that we have been doing... okay it's been something that we have been working on a LOT. The hubby, half of which you see in this photo... is attempting to remove a piece of particle board. Sawing one inch at a time... by hand.

It took him almost an hour to remove one board.

One large board.

The good news. The motor home is completely gutted, and rebuilding has commenced. I hope to take better photos soon and share... until then:

~  Blessed Fall Y'all!

P.S. There was also a wedding anniversary, with a date night and special dessert the day of. Sixteen years... where has the time gone! Thank you Father in Heaven, for my husband. Thank you...

Motor-home Make-over :: the introduction

So there I was. Yeah, most of my relatives always begin a story that way... but to be truthful, it should begin with so there we were. On our way to a much loved hiking trail, when my husband glances over at me with the 'I wonder if she saw it' look in his eyes. Which I had not. Until... I saw his 'I wonder if she saw it' look... then I quickly turned my head to see what I could have possibly missed.

There she sat. In hideous orange... nineteen seventies burnt orange, but with a shine of  'best offer' across her window that looked like diamonds. I returned my eyes upon my husband, and judging by the quick dive across two lanes, up through the parking lot and settling right next her... he knew exactly what I was thinking... and within the hour we became owners of a 1976 Tioga motor home.

On the surface... she appeared sturdy, a little beaten up - but not bad for her age. She is strong in motor, mostly held together at the seams. Great tires. Perfect widows for maximum light, so you don't have that 'I live in a tin can' feeling... and a nice floor plan.

However, once we started to get to her - we discovered... she has issues. Not so many that it's hopeless... but if we don't deal with them now, they may lead to her demise... mostly likely at seventy miles an hour and six hundred miles away from point a.

So begins the process of making her over. And to start we removed just about every thing on the inside, including the rotten wood... cutting out the bad all the way to the frame. Dare I say root. This included the removal of the stove, fridge, sink and bathroom... except for the shower, which will become a storage closet.

All over head cabinets are gone, as well as the water tank and a good portion of the over cab will need to be removed. The floors were taken back all the way to sub floor, and each ceiling vent and window are undergoing examination. This may become our home for a year and I want no staple unchecked...

Have we ever renovated a RV before? Nope. Never. Don't you think you are in over head? Oh most likely... but it's kind of like the time my uncle pushed me of the diving board. He knew I could swim, he spent hours teaching me the basics, and he knew that is was fear that kept me back. So he pushed me off... and guess what. He was right... and I have loved the water ever since.

What's the worst that can happen? Time and money, I know. But just think of the education we are receiving... honestly, you should see the faces I get when I am standing in conversation about chassis, rv roofing materials and mold inhibitors. But between the Makita impact driver, my remaining teachable and Providence I have peace about this adventure, and I am looking forward to the experience.

If you are interested, I invite you to read along. And if you have renovated a camper before and have wisdom to share I would welcome it. Below is a list of what's most pressing to take care of next and the cost {not counting time} of the project thus far, prior to those things being taken care of.

What's Up Next:
  • finish over cab, window and vent check with removal of wood as needed.
  • rebuild the back, lower section of the camper... primarily the corners.
  • add supports for the roof, and reseal the whole thing.
  • remove old corner seals, replace and re-secure.
  • rebuild the remaining areas where wood removal took place.
  • removal of wall surfaces and take care of any protruding staples, nails or screws. 
  • clean and paint the entire interior with mold and mildew primer.

Project Budget to Date: this includes the cost of the motor home, landfill run, gas and any other purchases made for the initial work that was shared above: $1,120.00 rounded

~ Blessings!

A Blowing of Trumpets :: Yom Teruah - celebrating the Holy Days

This past week our family recognized and participated in the celebration of the day of Teruah. The Blowing of Trumpets.  We view the biblical holy days as important and believe them to be a time of special meeting with our Creator and Redeemer. We have also come to a place in our walk, where we view the biblical new year as beginning with the Aviv barley and sighted new moon, by preference sighted in Jerusalem. Seconded by our sighting - in the place where we are...

Just before Erev Shabbat, we went to the beach to set up our observation station, built a fire and prepared for the new moon sighting. While we waited for sundown, we roasted beef hotdogs and served them along side a large multi-green salad, read the Scriptures related to the observation of Yom Teruah... and blew the trumpet & shofar.

The following day we joined a small group fellowship, where we enjoyed conversation, blowing the shofar and trumpet, worshiping in music and studying the Word. For a little festive gift we bought apple cinnamon tea, honey sticks and fresh challah with honey infused with lemon balm.

We are currently preparing for the Day of Atonement, and of course the most joyous feast of them all... Sukkot! Maybe by then I will have some pictures of our new - to us, temporary dwelling... that is in the midst of some serious construction.

~ Blessings!

* Read for more information on the Moedim, and the Way...

Creating a Simple Blessing Box :: remember and write

I remember a few years back our family decided to start, and maintain, a blessing box for an entire year. We started our first berakah box during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Then on the following Feast of Unleavened Bread we opened up the box and read each of the blessings out loud... talk about humbling and a great reminder of Providence.

We had recorded our thankfulness, naming our blessings one by one, for a variety of things like; food, unexpected expenses being met, special times we spent with our family and friends, and even the simple thankfulness we felt for having each other. Looking back, I would have to say that was one of the most precious seasons of my life... and though it's been years since we have done that, and many things have changed.

El Shaddai has not.

So this year as we prepare for the fall season of biblical holy days, I have decided once again to reinstate the family berakah box. Honestly we need it. We need to remember what our Father in Heaven has been doing for us, it's too easy to get bogged down in the day to day and dare I say the worlds negativity.

Creating a Simple "Berakah" Blessing Box

  • Locate a box of your choice, large enough for a years blessings - I found our perfect box at the local $ General for five dollars. It has a velcro closure with a hinge type/attached lid, and it came in my favorite fall colors. Don't forget to decorate it!
  • Create an opening - I put an elongated 'slit style' opening in the top, so that we can put our blessings right in without having to open the box each time. 
  • Location! Location! Location! - now find a place for your blessing box to rest for the year, but not some where that is out of sight and out of mind. Let it be visible!
  • Gather your supplies - near the berakah box I will place the items needed for 'counting' our blessings and periodically I will remind every one to share their thankfulness. Let it be usable!
  • Decide on a time of reading - this year we are starting with the Feast of Trumpets, and will then read them again next year... on Yom Teruah.

The first blessing recorded from my hand, were those nineteen quarts of peaches that made an appearance in the photos. Not many things compare to a quart of peaches in the middle of winter...

~ Blessings!

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