September 7, 2016

A Blowing of Trumpets :: Yom Teruah - celebrating the Holy Days

This past week our family recognized and participated in the celebration of the day of Teruah. The Blowing of Trumpets.  We view the biblical holy days as important and believe them to be a time of special meeting with our Creator and Redeemer. We have also come to a place in our walk, where we view the biblical new year as beginning with the Aviv barley and sighted new moon, by preference sighted in Jerusalem. Seconded by our sighting - in the place where we are...

Just before Erev Shabbat, we went to the beach to set up our observation station, built a fire and prepared for the new moon sighting. While we waited for sundown, we roasted beef hotdogs and served them along side a large multi-green salad, read the Scriptures related to the observation of Yom Teruah... and blew the trumpet & shofar.

The following day we joined a small group fellowship, where we enjoyed conversation, blowing the shofar and trumpet, worshiping in music and studying the Word. For a little festive gift we bought apple cinnamon tea, honey sticks and fresh challah with honey infused with lemon balm.

We are currently preparing for the Day of Atonement, and of course the most joyous feast of them all... Sukkot! Maybe by then I will have some pictures of our new - to us, temporary dwelling... that is in the midst of some serious construction.

~ Blessings!

* Read for more information on the Moedim, and the Way...

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