On the road again... & no I am not a tumble weed

It's true. We are moving again. This time we are heading to Kentucky, and at this juncture I think it's safe to say with concrete consensus that our desire to travel is at an all time low. Yeah - we use to enjoy vacations, road trips, field trips and some of us have even enjoyed an over seas trip. But three moves in just over two years is getting a little stressful. To say the least...

Even though all that is true, we are actually looking forward to this move. Because it means we are making a course correction for our family and moving... forward. And moving forward is always exciting... sometimes you have to come back to the beginning to find the right direction again.

 ~ Blessings!

Creating Frugal Furnishings for the Camper :: the sweater blanket

Here's a sneak peak on the color scheme for our motor home, completely inspired by Pinterest and frugality. The entire project was free, except for my time of course. The sweaters vary in weight and texture, but each block is approximately six by six square. This project is also very forgiving... and it's a good thing.

Being my first attempt at sewing a knit project of this size, I guess my best advice would be - one: pin, pin, pin, and I am not talking about Pinterest here. :) Second: I think some sort of fusible edging would help keep your blocks nice and straight. Making the sewing a lot less frustrating...

The back of the blanket is lined with a deep grey flannel, and finished with tie offs and a blanket stitch in white along the entire outer edge. It's heavy enough to keep you warm, but light enough to allow for easy movements. And I really like the look of the different textures...

You can find some great instructions out there too, and now that I have made one I have requests for a couple more. That's the way it goes... {smile} - seriously though it was a fun project and one that will add charm to our little home on wheels.

~ Blessings!

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Motor-home Make-over :: over cab rebuild

Even with much on my mind, I wanted to get some sort of update shared... currently our would be stuff hauler/short term home for relocation purposes is now our full time living space. And necessity - always brings to mind what is truly important, by night one it was clearly evident that the over cab bed, or the lack there of, needed to be addressed.

We had spent one afternoon gutting the over cab, just prior to our full time living in it, right down to the metal... the entire bed frame, base and window supports were rotten and growing some sort of fungus in a couple places.

Needless to say, everything had to go:

I was able to glean the needed one by twos and one by fours to rebuild the bed frame, which now sits two inches up off the metal “floor”. Sure, we lost two inches of space, but in my opinion gained something far easier to deal with should we spring another leak. Let's face it, it's a 1976 – it's not going to last forever:

In keeping with 'frugality and function' most of our make over supplies have been reused. I already mentioned the gleaned supplies above, and the rest of the items we needed were purchased from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Except the wood for the bed base which was gifted to us. Making the total cost of the over cab frame, bed and window supports a total $3.52.

There's still work to be done with the over cab, but at least we now have a bed in place to sleep on and as your looking over the photos, please keep in mind that I never professed to be a carpenter.

Herbalist maybe, carpenter... not so much. 

~ Blessings!

* We did not fully realize the amount of water damage that was done to the motor-home when we purchased it. However, I am not afraid of hard work and learning as I go... and some things just need to be ripped out by the root. Rotting wood and fungus being one of them...  the entire cab will be painted with mold inhibitor primer before it is finished.