October 14, 2016

Creating Frugal Furnishings for the Camper :: the sweater blanket

Here's a sneak peak on the color scheme for our motor home, completely inspired by Pinterest and frugality. The entire project was free, except for my time of course. The sweaters vary in weight and texture, but each block is approximately six by six square. This project is also very forgiving... and it's a good thing.

Being my first attempt at sewing a knit project of this size, I guess my best advice would be - one: pin, pin, pin, and I am not talking about Pinterest here. :) Second: I think some sort of fusible edging would help keep your blocks nice and straight. Making the sewing a lot less frustrating...

The back of the blanket is lined with a deep grey flannel, and finished with tie offs and a blanket stitch in white along the entire outer edge. It's heavy enough to keep you warm, but light enough to allow for easy movements. And I really like the look of the different textures...

You can find some great instructions out there too, and now that I have made one I have requests for a couple more. That's the way it goes... {smile} - seriously though it was a fun project and one that will add charm to our little home on wheels.

~ Blessings!

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  1. Shalom Andi! I hear we were almost neighbors! Would have been fun. Hope everything is going well with you!

  2. Love this idea!