October 30, 2016

On the road again... & no I am not a tumble weed

It's true. We are moving again. This time we are heading to Kentucky, and at this juncture I think it's safe to say with concrete consensus that our desire to travel is at an all time low. Yeah - we use to enjoy vacations, road trips, field trips and some of us have even enjoyed an over seas trip. But three moves in just over two years is getting a little stressful. To say the least...

Even though all that is true, we are actually looking forward to this move. Because it means we are making a course correction for our family and moving... forward. And moving forward is always exciting... sometimes you have to come back to the beginning to find the right direction again.

 ~ Blessings!


  1. I can totally relate! We too are thinking about where the Father may be sending us AGAIN! We love our little farm but we love Abba more! Are you living in your RV?

  2. Yes, and I can't believe all that still needs to done to it. But we are doing well, and Abba is so AWESOME! :)