November 1, 2016

November Gratitude Photo Challenge: day one

Better late than never - they say. I say I need this right now... something to focus on, okay one more way to capture the gratitude, to focus on the gratitude. One more way to praise my Redeemer... one more way to capture this beautiful, crazy grace needed, truth loving life of mine. So I am participating in the November Gratitude Photo Challenge, inspired by Middle Places - but with a little personal tweaking.

And yes, I am a year late... and I am okay with that:

Day 1: a person you see daily

 Summertown - 2015

October - 2016

October - 2016 "being funny"

Today - 2016

And even though I see her every day, there was a time when... now I am just Grateful. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob... the Holy One, Yeshua {Jesus} continue to be an ever present reality in your life. May you walk in blessings, in spirit and in truth... and may what 'the canker worm' has stolen be restored and you live this life abundantly for Him. You are a special treasure... 

Love ~ Mum

P.S. thank you for letting me take your photos on the fly, with my camera phone and not the 'good' camera. :) Real life y'all!

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